Marry me, today and every day

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Things I have learned since getting married:

1. There is such a thing as 3 ply toilet paper. And YES, your tush does deserve it.

2. Just because you got the apartment with the dishwasher, doesn't mean said dishwasher will actually be capable of washing the dishes... beware of unwanted leftovers.

3. You may not be able to cure your spouse's chronic snoring, but you can invest in quality memory foam. At least you'll be lying awake in comfort ;)

4. The Mr. may very well convince you that you would rather eat a restaurant cooked meal than get a new outfit.

5. Single life is much more exciting and fun... but dinner followed by a competitive 2 person game of Monopoly Deal is entertaining too.

6. Does that little extra toothpaste in the sink really bother you that much? Really? Maybe you should spend less time in the bathroom!

7. Football is a man's sport. Decorating/Cooking a women's. Basketball--the sport everyone can agree on!
(Highly scientific stereotypes based solely on my own marriage)

8. You may wake up in the middle of the night to find your loved one is slowly inching you towards the edge of the bed. When you finally wake up hanging on for dear life it's up to you whether you believe his story about a crazy dream, or suspect him of just trying to get the whole bed to himself.

9. I still have a lot to learn.

10. Whenever your spouse decides to point out one of your flaws, it's really great to scream "WELL..... you married me!" Then you both laugh.

I almost fell into that hole...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cary's out of town.

Normally I handle being home alone great. I sleep better and I'm about three times more productive!


Today, I'm watching HGTV while eating dinner, and I see a spider on the white counter and think to myself forget that house it has a spider.

About two seconds later I realize it's not on the show, it's on my tv. The spider is in my house!! I then proceed to have a mini heart attack, which was actually pretty painful. Then I call Cary who has to coach me through sucking up the spider with the vaccum cleaner.

I know you're thinking I'm all sorts of pathetic right now.


I am! I need my man to come home! Because I'd really like to make it to 25, and if anymore events like tonight happen, my future is questionable.

So if you're too school for cool

My sister Emily is an english professor. She'll sometimes post a funny sentence out of a paper a student submitted (annoymously, of course). I thoroughly enjoy reading these, because it's funny to laugh at the ridiculous mistakes we all sometimes make.

Emily posted this video on her blog:

I have a few thoughts about this.

First, she probably should have made her blog private. It's not too hard to find a blog, so she should have anticipated a student could come across her blog.

Also, she said some horrible things, and how can you expect a student to feel safe and encouraged to learn in an environment where the teacher seems to hate you and think negatively of you. I would hope teacher's were setting an example of how to treat those at school with you, whether it is other teachers or fellow students.

However, I think there is definitely a double standard here. Students and parents alike can post and say whatever they want about teachers. Another blogger wrote his perspective as a waiter and wrote terrible things about customers all the time, and America applauded him and invited him on every talk show to educate people on how to be better restaurant customers. Why can a teacher not comment on the lack of discipline in her class and the lack of effort on her students part?

Overall, I disagree with her method of commenting on her students. She wasn't opening discussion, she was resorting to harsh and general insults, just as you would expect a high schooler to do...

...but I really want to keep reading Emily's posts about her students. What are your thoughts???