Working on a suntan we don't even try to block it

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For enrichment tonight we essentially did hair and make-up make overs (What Not To Wear was brought up regularly). So while I was being improved by the 'glamour technicians' in my ward, I laughed about all the layers and bronzers etc. which started a discussion about tanning.

Now, when a sister has skin cancer and I've already accumulated 4 solid years of lifeguarding skin damage, I can't justify tanning. So, I've decided to try the spray on tans. Of course everyone has an opinion about this, which lead to lots of discussion.

So I posed the question "Why can't we just dye skin? Why can't I just dye my skin to the color I want it to be and be done with it?"

Shelli responds: "Michael Jackson did that."

Game over.

And get to church cause you're a good girl

Monday, March 30, 2009

So I feel that I am aware of body language, others as well as my own, yet I have a hard time controlling my body language.

Yesterday morning, at an unholy hour, I was sitting in a meeting with the Stake Relief Society Presidency going through RS training. I can only imagine the hostility projecting from my facial expressions. As second counselor I am over Enrichment, and the presidency informed me that I need to be hosting at least one enrichment activity a month that is centered around cooking. They explained to me that the girls in our stake are lacking in homemaking skills, because we don't cook and the girls don't know how to crochet, knit and tad.




Tadding for your information is basically a more intricate form of crochetting. Why do I need this skill? Hellifiknow. (It seems less like cussing when it's one slurred word). I prefer to save myself 20 hours of work and spend $2 employing children in sweat shops in China for that sort of thing.

Also, I'm rather annoyed by their assumption that the girls in the stake don't know how to cook. Just because we are not coming home and cooking 4 course meals each night does not mean we do not know how to cook. I'm sorry, I'm actually a pretty great cook (I base this off the *mulitple* marriage proposals I have received solely based on my cooking abilities). It's unrealistic to cook big dinners for one. I'm just as happy with yogurt and cereal as I am with a pot roast.

And why is this the concern of our leaders anyhow. Perhaps they should have focused on this while we were in Young Women's and we were still in a family setting, where we could practice... or with the young married couples who are struggling. I suggest we focus on actual skills that would be valid for a 20 something year old girl in the 21ST CENTURY!

I don't need to know how to pluck a chicken, how to tad, or how to hang mosquito netting in my kitchen. Perhaps I could be learning skills that will aid me in all stages of life (whether I have the opportunity to get married or not), such as stress management, money management, or heck even how to invest my money now that I am an educated woman who is supporting herself.

I also resent the assumption that the girls in the stake lack homemaking skills. I mean look at it from my point of view. I am in the Relief Society Presidency. So one of 45 girls that they actually work with, and they don't even know my name, let alone do they know that in fact I can cook, arrange flowers, sew, crochet, make bread, and all the other little "creative" skills they mentioned in this meeting. So if they didn't bother to ask me, one of the girls they work with, why should I believe that they know other girls in the stake are struggling?

All in all I don't think I am really so much annoyed at the things that were said so much as the way they said them to me. They put on this voice (you've heard it if you've listened to the majority of sisters talks in General Conference), where they speak to you like you're young and not quite capable of processing all the information. It's almost as if they raised their voice to a normal level and didn't talk slowly the spirit would leave. It's frustrating, and I find a hard time believing that's the voice they use with their family and friends.

So, if you actually made it through reading this whole post (sorry I know it's long), I need your help. I obviously need to work on my christ-like love (more than my cooking), and I need help understanding these women. Any advice, chastening, comments, or questions are greatly desired!

Betty Davis, James Dean, and Gable, never know what she means to me, I fell for the girl that's on tv

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love television.

I hate to admit it, but I mean I could spend hours watching mind numbing, soul sucking, fat cell accumulating television. I love it all, from the morning news shows to the house shows on HGTV to reality tv show marathons (project runway anyone?) to the favorites on TBS (does friends ever get old?) to TLC to Oprah and even USA and more.

In my defense, I don't. Thank goodness. But the point is that I could. Probably happily. I wish I was one of those intellectual people that couldn't be bothered with television and recognized it as the dribble that it is, which is slowly corrupting our society, and yet...

I allow myself one or two shows with which I can soak up, love, obsess, and completely devote my attention to once a week. These shows allow me to feel the drama and the gamet of emotions in one hour that the Mac Grill either doesn't provide or that I don't really want to feel in my own life, just in the watching of someone else's. In high school, my obsession was Gilmore Girls. I never missed an episode and I loved that show, well still love. They were witty, fast talking, fun and I wanted to be just like that. But, sadly most shows decline at some point. So then I loved Alias. Sydney Bristow was kick-A, and ridiculously intelligent. Ahh, if only I could speak 27 languages, run in heels, and defend myself against pretty much anything. Well of course, Alias went down the drain as well. Then in college Grey's Anatomy came out. Now here's a true guilty pleasure! It's a dirty show, but it has the drama, the hot guys, the medical background (which of course we all know I secretly wish I was a doctor, and I unrealistically wish it was as glamorous as it is on tv). Anyhow, I have followed this show since it started, and admittedly season 1 & 2 were the best, season 3 was ok, season 4 got weird, and though season 5 started off rocky... the last few weeks have reminded me why I have a show, why I plan my schedule around it, and why Grey's is that show.

If you have never watched Grey's, I have a track record of hooking every single one of my roommates on the show, so come over, kick back, and we'll have a good time.

Oh and as if that weren't enough, I also get all my favorite music off this show.

Oh ok, i couldn't leave it at just one

I miss your purple hair, I miss the way you taste

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Have you ever been left with someone's scent lingering on an item of yours and then you miss them?

Scent is an interesting thing. Why is it that when you spend extended amounts of time with certain people you pick up their scent on your clothes, or even when you borrow some people's clothes it has a scent, whereas other people's do not?

Jo and I spend hours discussing random thoughts, but this one is still bugging me. When I borrow Jo's clothes I can't smell anything, and she says the same thing about me, yet when I borrow some of my other friends clothing it has a scent. Now, of course you immediately think it's because we live together. Well, we don't use the same detergent, perfumes, or lotions. Also when I have visited her parent's house I don't pick up on a scent, and I have other friends who similarly don't have a scent. Some of my friends, however, I merely have to give them a hug and I recognize their scent.

So I wonder why this is? Are some people like a blank slate? No scent? Or is it that their scent is similar to mine, so I don't notice it? Or is it really living together that masks it? Which then begs, when you get married does your spouse lose their scent as you then use all the same products? When they go out of town and then come back, do you all of a sudden recognize their scent again?

I would propose to do a scientific study where a group of individuals all used scentless cosmetics (shampoo, lotion, deodorant, soap, etc.) and the same detergents and then after a week we could smell all of them to see if they smell any different. But since I live in the city of the vain (i.e. Provo), the odds of getting a sizeable group of people to go without scented products for an extended period of time is highly unrealistic. Therefore I must rely on your feedback. Let me know what you think.

Also, do I have a scent other than my perfume? (If it's the Mac Grill essence, don't tell me)

And today was a day just like any other

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok just the random ramblings going through my brain today....

1. I have way too many movies I want to watch and never any time to watch them. The list is around 20 right now.

2. I also have far too many books to read, and the gorgeous weather to sit outside and do it.... but alas

Number 3. At work we are having a sales contest, and the workaholic/competitive side of me seriously wants to if not win at least give everyone a run for their money, which obviously leads to way too much working.

4. Speaking of work, a girl came in today that smelled just like Kelly Estes used to in high school. I can't remember what perfume Kelly wore though.... (i remember she loved clinique happy, but it wasn't that, because i was never the biggest fan)

5. Back to the books, though I'm still working on the actual quality novels I should devote more time to, I did finish '211 Things A Clever Girl Can Do' (my new fav. book). And I feel the need to share some of my newly acquired insights.

These gems are from the article "How to Escape the Second Date"
-If you're already out on a date, blow your nose on the tablecloth
-Pinch every male bottom in sight (waiters are especially good)
-Develop a maniacal laugh and a strange twitch
-Never just stand him up. That would be unladylike.

ha, there were many others, but those were my favorites.

And lastly, yay for St. Patty's day tomorrow! I'm seriously stoked. More details to come on all my celebrating.

Baby you a star and it's time that you know it

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ok, so I gotta indulge myself for a moment... I'm sorry. (Of course this would fall under the whole journal-ing purpose of blogs, so if you don't want to read this post, well then... don't.)

So occasionally in life people give you compliments that just stay with you. It might be because you just needed to hear that particular statement at that time, but I personally believe it's because the compliment is actually sincere. I'm not trying to say that people never mean what they say when they say something nice; however, I think we generally throw around a lot of "I like your hair today," or "You're a great singer." But, occasionally someone says something to me that catches my attention and just stays with me.

Anyhow, I was chatting with one of my guy friends, who is a great guy to which all I can say is "if only," on facebook and he told me that he was looking through some of my more recent pictures. Then he says "Carla, I don't even care if this makes you uncomfortable, but you're a hottie."

Ha ha, see the point isn't about whether I believe him or not... he just actually gave me a compliment in such a way that I know he believes what he said. Well... and it made me feel pretty good about myself yesterday.

(So there ya have it... in 80 years when my grandkids are flipping through my printed off blog entries, they'll know their grandma was a hottie!)

Shawty whatcha think about that!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So Anoop Desai has been on my ipod for about 5 years. My best friend Marti went to Governor School with him. He sang on an acapella group at East Chapel Hill High before joining the Clefhangers and now trying out for American Idol. I have all his cd's and I love his singing. My favorite's are definitely "She will be loved" and "Let's Get It On."

So, Anoop has been picked for the wildcard on American Idol, and although I'm purely just a fan, I feel the need to show my devotion through my blog. So Anoop, thanks for 5 years of great Acapella! Here's to hoping you win!

I know you will find out who you are

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I read the Alchemist yesterday. It was an interesting read.

I typically hate books that talk about personal quests or journey's and trying to find the "universal soul" or your "chi" and all that sort of thing. It reminds me of Siddartha (a book we read in 10th grade), which I hated.

Most of the books that I have read in this sort of genre chronicle the main character kind of getting lost in the expedition for the greater understanding and knowledge and they lose sight of the importance of actually living your life. I think often people get caught up in the searching and moving on that they forget to live life in the moment. We talked recently in church about being where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there and that Heavenly Father will help take care of the rest. Basically if you're doing what you're supposed to the Lord will make things possible.

Anyhow, The Alchemist actually did a really good job of addressing my hatred of this genre, because the main character pauses in the middle of the book and reflects on why he is seeking a treasure when he has already gained so much, and then the book further explains this particular character's need to keep searching. So all in all, I enjoyed the book although I still don't see why his quest really was just for riches (I mean I know he learned a lot along the way, but isn't that the point, shouldn't the story emphasize the journey and the knowledge gained rather than the gold, because honestly who cares about the gold, he already proved he can earn money.)

ANYWHO.... the book got me thinking about my journey, and that perhaps I'm missing the boat and should be seeking out something I'm not, but mostly it made me think that maybe I need to learn to be happy doing what I'm doing, and make the most of P-Town. I'm sure the next step will come in due time. As I was going through all these ponderings, the book reminded me of a song I used to love in.... oh i don't know, probably 8th grade.

"Leaving Town"

Oh your reputation is so golden
You're never lonely and you're never home
I know you've been talking about leaving
You've lost all your feelings for this town.
Paint your nails and put on your lipstick
You don't want to miss your ticket out.
Just because you graduate from school
So high in the gene pool that's your point of view.

But when you're broke and down and no one else is around
You'll come running back to this town and
I'll be there, yeah I'll be there.

'Cause I remember how we drank time together
And how you used to say that the stars are forever.
And daydreamed about how to make your life better by
Leaving town, leaving town.

Pack your bags, your smokes in your pocket
You're wearing my locket around your neck
Take a drag and wait for the Greyhound
The world is your playground and you want to win.

But when you're broke and down and no one else is around.
You'll come running back to this town and
I'll be there, yeah I'll be there.

'Cause I remember how we drank time and
How you used to say that the stars are forever.
And daydreamed about how to make your life better by
Leaving town, leaving town.

Nothing in life will ever come that easy.
Doesn't mean it has to be that hard.
I know you will find out who you are
But when you're broke and down and no one else is around.
You'll come running back to this town and
I'll be there, yeah I'll be there.

'Cause I remember how we drank time together
And how you used to say that the stars are forever.
And daydreamed about how to make your life better by
Leaving town, leaving town.
Yeah I remember how we drank time together and
How you used to say that the stars are forever.
And daydreamed about how to make your life better by
Leaving town, leaving town.
You're leaving town, yeah

It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away

Yes I am going to keep blogging about the weather.

IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!! Sixty degrees of fabulous beautiful weather! (Sorry to all you east coasters getting snow dumped on you... he he he, oh how the tables have turned). Ok, well not quite that gorgeous, more like this picture below.

Sixty degrees may not seem warm, but it feels amazing. I don't even care that it has been overcast and it looks like the worst storm is about to dump on us, because it's so warm I wore shorts!

Anyhow, that is all. The great update on my life is that the weather is amazing. I played tennis and the weather is amazing. Oh and I think I should give the camping another shot, now that I'm not fearful of frostbite.