It's always a good time

Monday, August 27, 2012

Zoey's had a lot going on this week.

She has...

...a tooth coming in, finally!
...a new favorite food, hello string cheese.

She learned... wave and say "buh-bye" give kisses when asked for one

She is...

...taking steps 2-3 at a time
...laughing hysterically throughout the day. She LOVES laughing, and it makes me laugh.

Basically she's a pretty awesome baby. I hope she still likes us (parents) when she realizes we're not very cool.... and forgives us for the bath shots...

find, find someone to call mine

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today is Cary and my wedding anniversary!

We felt like after this past year we could use a little get away.
I always feel ridiculous saying "it was a hard year," because let's face it... in the grand scheme, my life is pretty cush.

But, I still felt it would be good for us to get away and regroup, refocus on us, and just enjoy each other while Zoey partied with the grandparents.

Soooo, after scouring the internet for deals away we went to Myrtle Beach while Zoey gleefully soaked up the attention already being poured on her at my parents.

Well, long story short, we ended up back home less than 24 hours later. The trip was a bust, tears were shed, money was wasted, and lessons were learned.

But at least I get to do all these things with this guy!

I wouldn't choose anyone else. Here's to another awesome year!

Hey sugar show me all your love

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's 10:30 am.

*Read: 4.5 hours since I should have gotten out of bed with baby*

I can't be trusted with a computer on a Saturday morning.

(Thanks for the lazy morning Cary)

Rumor has it

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday was Zoey's 9 month birthday!

"Say what?"

"Oh my!"
(The girl makes great faces)

It's the big "she's been out as long as she was cooking" day, and I can't say the past 9 months have flown by... and that's a great thing. The further away pregnancy feels the happier I am!

The past month has of course brought a few changes... my baby girl is definitely morphing into a little toddler before my eyes, and the baby days are numbered.

a few stats
-graduated to size 2 diapers
-doubled her birth weight!
-she loves walking around the furniture and now takes these huge steps with a stomp, almost saying "look at me taking these steps!"... we'll see how long before she's really walking
-she weaned herself and she loves trying new foods--but expensive gerber baby snacks are her fav ;)
-She loves laughing and blabbing with her mom. We have a sort of made up language that makes us both laugh and dad feel a little left out... it's a girl thing.

We love this age.
We love our baby girl.

Right here waiting for you

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So I've never been one to worry about dying.
(quite the opening line, eh...)

I have strong religious beliefs, and am of the mindset that Heaven will be pretty great.
I always figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I were to pass away prematurely.

I would feel bad for my parents, and once I got married I knew I would feel terrible for Cary (and would not-so-secretly hate that he'd most likely get remarried).

driving home from the hospital last November something changed.

For lack of a technical term, let's call it MOM-XIETY.

If Cary's 15 minutes late my mind automatically jumps to a worst case scenario. If Zoey is sleeping quietly (she got the snoring gene from her dad), I have to check on her every 30 minutes. And, if we have to drive separate cars, my paranoia about the potential dangers facing half my family grows twenty fold.

I finally understand why my mom had us call ALL the time, and check in every 2 hours, even though we were still at the same friends house.


It sucks.

I read (on pinterest I think) some quote about not worrying about bad things happening, because if they do you'll have lived it twice.

Sounds good.

But how do I actually apply that? I need a treatment for this ailment... because Cary often likes to chat with his workout buddy and I probably have enough horrible scenarios to make 10 years of fictitious 48 Hour specials.

Throw your hands in the air

Monday, August 6, 2012

We love the Olympics.

Our television is on at least 6 hours a day with Olympic coverage.

Of course I'm sure you're experiencing the same thing (if not, jump on this band wagon... it's great).

This is all to say, that it's completely normal that the discussion of which Olympic sport we are gonna steer Zoey towards has come up.

Everyone tells us she shows potential as a gymnast. She has a short mother. She is extremely flexible (even more than most babies, pediatrician confirmed). She has great upper body strength. And now my sisters have taught her how to "stick it", she can flick her fingers with her hands in the air like a USA champion.

Personally, I'm against judged activities. I also think it would be nice to pick a sport that is a)not so absurdly expensive b)not so dangerous c)can be performed past your 20's. What do you think? What sports would you choose for your kids?

(Cary and I also discussed our own potential as olympic athletes--I think I could definitely be a coxswain. Watch out Rio...)

Stood a girl that looked like you

Just hanging with my girl.

Sometimes it's crazy to think how much I love this little girl. All mother's love their children, but I ended up with a pretty cool kid with a great personality (I dare you to spend time with her and come to a different conclusion). I'm one lucky mom.

Slept in all my clothes like I didn't care

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I remember when Zoey turned 6 months, looking for her 6 month clothes and not finding any. Although I thought it was odd, that out of all the cute outfits we received as gifts we didn't get any for 6 months, I didn't think too much of it.

Well, we were finally able to get Zoey all moved into her room and what appeared... but tons of cute 6 mo clothes! Lucky us our 9 month old is tiny!

So here's our quick fashion show/thanks for outfitting my child!

Oh wait, that's her birthday suit... whoops. Baby girl doesn't outfit changes... so we'll have to get the other outfits another day.

2 am and she calls me cause I'm still awake

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A few years ago, I had a friend who would always call me about 5 minutes after I'd gotten into bed, right at the I'm comfortable and my eyelids are beginning to droop phase before I dozed off into sweet dreams and would summon me for an improptu pancake eating late night chat.

Somehow, my insatiable need for social interaction mixed with intrigue would coax my fatigued body up in the middle of the night for some late-ok middle of the-night flapjacks.

Or was it the love of pancakes?

At any rate, my life lacks spontaneity of this variety and for a moment this evening I missed it a little.

And I miss pancakes.

And perhaps.....

Nope, not going down that road because a cute smiley little girl will be up in 7 hours, and honestly, that metabolism seems to be long gone.

But it's fun to remember.