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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Zoey News...

Zoey is a funny little girl. She sees the big kids jump at the park and now she walks around the house squatting and trying so hard to jump--but she just can't seem to make it happen. It makes me smile.
(The books all say that won't happen for another year and a half. Knowing Zoey, she'll make it happen sooner than that)

Zoey has also become quite the drama queen. She can go into meltdown mode instantly, but also snap out of it just as quickly. Other people find it hilarious....

Zoey story of the week: Zoey has a dirty diaper and won't sit down to let me change it. So I'm chasing her around the apartment to change her diaper, and she stops and turns toward me and points at me with all sorts of attitude and says "stay!" with complete conviction and confidence that I will. So ridiculous... I don't even know where she learned the word stay!?!

And since Cary doesn't make appearances on the blog too often. Here's Cary pulling a Zoey.

We are never ever ever ever...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things making me laugh today:

1. My friend's status update: "It's taken years of hard work and sacrifice, but I am happy to report that I have finally pulled even with Lance Armstrong in Tour de France wins."


2. The book, The Forgotten Garden, pg 49 "It needed a coat of paint... the house had never received a full coat. Nell was fond of saying that she wasn't in the business of spending good money to give the neighbors a fresh view"

Tehe. Funny perspective... until you have to sell of course.

In other news:

We went to the fair. It was awesome. We have no pictures :( We ate fried oreos, snickers, kool-aid, and reeses as well as funnel cake, hush puppies, a burger, and nc state ice cream. The hush puppies were worth it, the ice cream was good and next time I want something fried should probably stick with the funnel cake.

We paid to have the guy guess Cary's age so we could win a prize to entertain Zoey... he guessed 39!!! Hahaha seriously... so funny. Cary said they always guess about 10 years off b/c he's bald... but 39 seems a bit ridiculous to me.

I also made Butterbeer cupcakes this weekend! I thought they were delicious!

Anywho, stay tuned... I've almost finished Zoey's room makeover and I borrowed my sister's camera so you'll get to see it!

Chasing the years of my life, fifteen there's still time for you

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today is Cary's Birthday!!!

(taken super early in the am...)

He is officially in his late twenties. 
I would make some joke about how old he is, but as our friend pointed out, he has a smoking hot wife (*adjectives may or may not have been added*), a cute baby girl, and is almost half way to a PhD. Not too shabby for 27 years of age. 

We've come to realize that our little family is all about food for special occasions. We hardly ever eat out, and try to make healthy choices 80-90% of the time... so birthdays are our excuse to go buck wild and enjoy the fried things in life ;)

We've decided our family birthday tradition will be a lunch at restaurant of choice with mom and/or dad ((because eating out is expensive, and we're poor) (and didn't you always feel so special when you got to go out with one of your parents alone)) and then of course homemade dinner of choice with the whole fam.

Cary had a meeting during lunch so we did breakfast. We went to sunrise biscuit for chicken biscuits.... mmmm delish. So much better than Time Out.

And for dinner, I didn't want to cook (I reserve the right to not cook for Cary's b'day or my own) so Cary chose Red Lobster because we LOVE shrimp.

Followed by some serendipitious frozen hot chocolate.... it's been a yummy day.
(No more pics cause this was the point at which zoey decided to break the camera :(

And to round out the birthday celebrations we're going to the NC State fair later this week and trying way more fried delicacies than any artery should have to endure--cause that's just how we roll. Stay tuned!

It's time for bed I think...

But summer is over, we were tangled in the morning sun

Monday, October 15, 2012

Between work and trying to finish the 600 page book I started... I missed blogging about Zoey's 11 month birthday, but that doesn't mean we love her any less ;)


Dang she's practically an old lady, and I've *almost* forgiven her for being two weeks late last fall :) 
I'm just kidding, we love her just the way she is and she does have a cool birthday we are looking forward to celebrating shortly!

In Zoey news... she's become an excellent walker and wants to walk everywhere! Translation: It takes us FOREVER to get anywhere... because girlfirend's got short legs. But, I applaud her zeal and marvel at her ability to never get tired and want to be carried.

... She also has a new hiding place. She still loves hide and seek, and thinks it's great she fits into cupboards. 

 ...We're already starting a rock collection...

... This is her, I'm not ready to get up mom! 

... Telling me she's ready for bed. Do babies come any more perfect? 

... Cute hoodie knitted by Grandma R. 

 ...All the walking leaves some scraps and bruises

...Ready for game day! Go Heels! 

 ... The latest development: tantrums. Not my favorite part of parenting. Let's hope we move through this phase quickly

... And taking pictures of tantrums makes her more mad.

And that's my Zoey!

Take your passion, and make it happen

Monday, October 1, 2012

Zoey Update:

 Girlfriend has pretty much mastered walking, and moved on to climbing! Yikes! At a friend's house this weekend she was content climbing the stairs (trying to suicide jump back down, but of course I caught her) and then climbing them again. Now, she is climbing the furniture. I think this is a game changer...

 In other news she says "up up up up" (really fast and kind of slurred) when she wants us to pick her up, probably because we're always chasing her. And now when she mimics me talking she picks up dolls and says "ya ya ya ya ya" Almost like yada yada yada--it's hilarious.

 She LOVES hiding in the curtains, and reading in the rocking chair (even though she doesn't weigh enough to rock it ;)

 She even is showing preference in picking outfits.

 When did my baby turn into a toddler?


This weekend apparently.