Friday, February 28, 2014


the latest and greatest

"Mom, I drank my bathwater... It wasn't good."

While collecting things and obviously up to no good, Cary starts watching her "DAD! leave me alone!" 

"Uh oh What happened to my diaper? Oh oh no..." 

Wearing footie pajamas, she starts pulling at her bum "mom, my bum feels funny!" when I unzipped her pjs her diaper had fallen down to her feet. Ha, dad forgot to cinch it on

Cary putting on a snuggie "Dad, you got that on backwards..."

"Why are you Cary?" Cary: "Because my mom named me that when I was born" "Oh" 
later... "I Zoey because I borned that"

I wrote her name and asked her what it spelled.
"o-e-y... Oh! Mickey clubhouse!" (i think a little too much cartoons whoops)

In the car after the museum
C: Ooy I'm pooped!
Z: Mom you pooped? Why? Eeew it stinks in here!!!

Picking her nose
C: Can I help you zoey?
Z: Don't worry, I got this (while digging)

I can listen to you all day

6 Months!!!
Wow. 6 months old. With babies, I feel as though I'm constantly asking myself "how has 6 months gone by already?" followed by "It's only been 6 months??? What??" 

It's a funny conundrum, where time flies and stands still at the same time. I chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

Speaking of... this last month has been rough as I finally got real about sleep training. Mr. Tucker is a social sleeper and also prefers plush pillowtop queen mattresses. So we (I) have been working (killing myself) to get him to sleep only in a crib, last until at least 3 am before eating, and take regular naps. There's more work to do, but we're getting there!

He's also mastered the pacifier, but enjoys playing with it, pulling it in and out.
He can sit up... almost... for about 5 seconds... he'll get it.
He eats everything but only loves rice cereal. Weird. I know.
He's started smiling and laughing all the time. I love it!
He looks at Zoey like she's an alien from another planet, but she usually makes him laugh.
He still hates the car.

I'm still his favorite. He cries when anyone else holds him too long and then calms down as soon as I hold him. It drives Cary crazy. He thinks he's a pansy boy that is too attached to his mom, and he needs to grow up. I kind of don't mind. I love that little boy, and it makes me feel really great that he loves me right back (zoey didn't care for me as much)! Although, it is exhausting to hold him all. the. time. So... maybe Cary is on to something.

Anywho... we sure love this little boy and now that we are firmly out of newborn phase, we're remembering why babies are the greatest ;)

I think that I should hold on, hold on

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This parenting gig is rough.

I won't lie.

Two kids threw me for a loop. Well, really, as Jerry Seinfeld described, anytime 2 people enter a room and 3 come out it's already gotten crazy. So, we've been working to adjust to our new normal which is just part of the process of adding a new member to the family Thankfully it's been so much smoother than those first few months with Zoey.

However, lately I've just felt like the day to day is such a struggle. Zoey has fully embraced all the independent, assertiveness and emotion that comes along with being a toddler (read: terrible two's) and I haven't been coping well.

Sometimes, friends or family praise Zoey for things such as her sleeping habits. And though each kid comes with a personality that make certain parts of parenting easier or harder... I've always patted myself on the back for doing my research, understanding my kid and taking the necessary steps to help her be the best little sleeper she can be. In fact, sometimes I get a little annoyed when people say she is just naturally a great sleeper.

Of course the flip side to that coin... is that I should also take responsibility for those habits that still need hammering out: screaming, crying, kicking, demanding things, picky eating, talking back, not listening. 

And as I've hung my head in desperation night after night, and handed her off to Cary before I let the very mean mom under the surface blow... I think I'm finally realizing it comes down to that last trait: not listening.

I'm not listening. 

It's hard to be 2. Emotions are hard things to deal with (most adults are still figuring out how). It's hard to have a taste of independence and not be able to control very much of your day to day. It's hard to have a mom all to yourself and then share her with a baby that needs more attention and time.

So I'm reading and studying and trying to be better. I'm trying to listen. I'm trying to help her listen (which is comical. I swear she's 2 going on 16.), and I'm so happy to say the last couple days have gone worlds better. Meltdowns are few and farther between, and though I love my baby girl to pieces I think we're learning to like each other again! 

Now, hopefully that I've recorded my shortcomings and with a little help from above--I will remember these lessons in a year and a half for Tucker (fingers crossed).