oh yes I did, yes I did

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soooo... I have opinions.

And sometimes I share those opinions. And then people think I'm an idiot.

Allow me to explain...

When people ask how I am doing (I'm 32 weeks and getting bigger almost daily), I generally say something along the lines of I don't love pregnancy and I can't wait to have my baby already.

Then people tell me to enjoy my pregnancy because babies are so much work, to which I respond,
"oh I'm excited for the baby, I could forgo the pregnancy all together"

This is usually followed by an eye roll and a "you'll see"

**Disclaimer: I realize I don't have children, and therefore do not understand. I realize that babysitting, or even watching kids for a weekend while parents are gone doesn't equate to the 24/7 responsibilities of parenting**

Yet, allow me to explain my thought process. Once baby is here I can sleep on my stomach! That means that those 2 hours in between feedings might actually include sleep instead of constant tossing and turning in an attempt to get comfortable.

Also, it is my first and only baby--so I'm still in the stage of life where I will be able to sleep when baby does--also leading me to think I might get more rest than I have had the past several months.

Finally, with pregnancy I can't just take off the belly and take a break when I just can't handle another minute (nope, that's usually when I start crying and try to hide it from Cary, because there's no definitive reason or solution to the crying). When baby comes, all of a sudden I can hand baby to Cary and say I need 5 minutes. When baby gets older, I can put them in the crib and lock myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes. I can take my mom up on her generous offers to babysit. What I'm getting at is that I can't wait to have my body back and in my current ignorant state I feel like I will be able to tackle much more when it's JUST me in my body again.

But, please feel free to share your eyerolls and "if only you knew" comments

You know what they say? Life ain't always easy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a week....

We made it to North Carolina! Thank goodness my mom drove with us, otherwise it would have taken us all month!

Thursday, I spent all day in the hospital with Kidney stones (so they think... they can't actuallly test for this while I'm pregnant, nor can they treat it).

My family is amazing and moved all our stuff into our new apartment while I entertained the nurses at the hospital.

And now I'm lounging around at home because I'm extremely sore, tired, and the doctor has banished me to light activity. I've decided this doesn't jive with my personality, so I'm putting "the secret" into effect and sending subliminal messages to baby girl that she needs to be born in 7 weeks (as opposed to the full 10 left). I'll let you know how that goes.

Please tell me, what there is to complain about?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's official. We've left P-town.

Cary says we're never coming back.

(But I've left and said that a few too many times, so I didn't get hung up on goodbye and said "see ya later" (Just in case... don't want to permanently jinx myself))

Soooo our journey across the country began yesterday.

We made it to Colorado Springs with the two cars!!!

I started to doubt whether I'd make it.

I have new found admiration for the pioneer women.

I just drove 10 hours while pregnant and was miserable,
I can't imagine walking 10 miles and birthing a baby in the plains

I've also decided they were insane.

So even though I'm laying on my side today recovering from my horrendous past two weeks...

as my current favorite song states

This could really be a good, good good life.