Look at this photograph, every time i do it makes me laugh

Monday, December 10, 2012

Can I just say... I dread family photos.

I mean, we all have mental images of our awful 80's family photos that seem to haunt us. (Sorry mom, it's true, my bangs, all the denim... )

Then the fact that Cary and I are not photogenic.

You don't have to lie and tell us we are. I think we have a rare gift for squinty eyes, producing double chins, and adding 20 lbs on picture day.

That being said, this mom gig makes me feel super guilty for not getting pictures taken. So I asked a friend, Monica (if you want her info so you can get pics, let me know) to meet us for a quick 45 minute jaunt through campus before I had to be to work.

And I liked a couple... which is all one really needs.

I laugh so hard... every. single. time. i look at this

Turkey for me, Turkey for you

Friday, November 30, 2012

(So I started this post two weeks ago... whoops)

Happy After Thanksgiving to you! I hope yours was wonderful!

I have a lot for which to be grateful, namely the gospel and my family. Those two things are everything to me.   Of course I also feel I should express my gratitude for a job and the abundance we are blessed with--we were able to buy a new camera! So i can actually show you some pictures!

Also, in zoey news... her words of the week are "cheese, clock, and grandma." We were very impressed when we pulled up to grandma's for thanksgiving, she knew exactly where we were and excitedly said "grandma!" and pointed to the front door. And then while eating dinner she just got real excited about her cheese--that's normal, i know adults who do that :)

Zoey has also learned....
... to clap
... wave and say hi and bye (she's been doing this for a month or so, but it's very clear now)
..."twinkle" she smiles and winks with both eyes... it's too cute, and maybe I'll get a pic soon
... tell you what a dog says: "ruff ruff"
... dance... it's an upperbody twist, she loves dancing
... to "high five"
... to go get things when I ask her. She's especially good at collecting her shoes, hat or coat to go outside... but she'll also gather toys for me.

Chocolate milk for the first time... she didn't set the cup down til it was gone. Girlfriend LOVES chocolate milk.

"Why are you trying to take my picture?"

Out walking with "papa" as she calls grandpa.

So stylish.

I just look up to the ceiling

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I finally finished Zoey's bedroom! 
(Sad, it's not even a nursery anymore... but hey, at least it got done eventually)

It was cute before, but it needed more finishing touches and I decided I wanted something a little less pink and a little more gender neutral.


After's... sorry they're so dark... not much sunshine today
I sewed new teal crib bedding 
(thanks mom for the help sewing and watching zoey so I could get it done)

 Little sweet dreams cradles

Matching quilt made by Aunt Jenny 

Baby pictures of Cary, Zoey and me... she loves these! And she has to have a twist of the mobile before and after every nap. Thanks Aunt Lindsay for the mobile. 

Aunt Heather made a cute cross stitch! 

I made the headboard, blackout curtains, and painted the dresser and added new knobs. Poor dresser was looking a little worn with the stain chipped off in spots, so we gave it a fresh look. 

Close up of my handy work ;) 

Love it, so bright and fun. 

Also made blackout curtains for the ginormous window. They're nothing pretty, but thanks to them mom and baby sleep well--which is all that really matters, right? 

Zoey in her favorite hiding spot...  

And for her play nook... crayon art made by Aunt Kim!

Having written this i suppose I have a lot of Aunts to thank for the bedroom makeover... thanks sisters, 
and sisters-in-law.

What do you think? Any must have accessories we're missing?  

Happy Happy birthday zoey dear

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zoey's 1st birthday was pretty low key. We had family over for dinner and cake. 

I wish I had better pictures, but Zoey broke my camera, and I'm not used to my mom's... sooo at least I got some!

You've had a birthday, shout hurray!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My baby is 1!


(at exactly this time last year, I was in a lot of pain, exhausted, and starving... but that's beside the point)

Everyone keeps asking me if this year just flew by.

Honestly, no.

And then I get a bunch of looks like I'm a horrible mom, so allow me to explain.

Can I believe that Zoey is a year old? Not really. She's pretty much grown out of being my baby into toddler-dom and fast approaching 20.

Yet... it seems like FOR-EV-ER ago she was a brand new babe. In a good way.

This year has brought so many changes, and for the first time in years I'm not looking back over the last year and thinking "holy cow where'd the year go." 
Zoey allows me to be more present. During the college years it was so easy to wish away the weeks and months til midterms were over, or this class, or the next vacation was coming, whatever. 
With Zoey, I feel so much more aware of each day (sometimes painfully so, as I'm dragging along trying to keep up) but more often in a wonderful way that I haven't enjoyed since before high school. 

We love our Zoey. She makes us laugh, brightens our mornings, keeps us on our toes, and has turned us into "those parents" who are convinced we hit the mega millions are far as cool babies go.

So here's an obscene amount of photos from a year in the life of Zoey... because it's my blog... and i do what i want.

More on her birthday party tomorrow!