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Monday, April 15, 2013

So we're having a BABY BOY!!!

We are very excited. I've always planned on having a son so he can play basketball for UNC and his mama can have excellent seats for all the action ;)

So, it was especially fun that we got an ultrasound of our little tarheel...

Of course now we have the task of picking a name for kiddo! As of now, we're open for suggestions.

Criteria include:
a. Not a top ten name or super common (sorry don't want the 10th michael or jacob in his class)
b. No super weird names or off the wall spellings
c. Must make for great cheers when he's playing in the Dean Dome... so sweet nickname or ability to make some slogan on the posters would work :)

Ready, shoot, I'm all ears.

I belong with you, you belong with me

Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Zoey news....

... We are working on our p's and q's. Sometimes I hand her a cup while she has her pacifier in, and she responds thank you. But, I can't understand her so I ask her to take out her pacifier and repeat herself, she then screams "THANK YOU!!!"

I choose to just be glad she says thank you every time.

... She has learned to bow her head and fold her arms during prayers, but if the prayer is too long, she lifts her head and says "DONE. done, done done." No idea where her impatience comes from... ;)

... Before Cary will hand her anything she wants, he makes her name 5 body parts or tell him the different sounds made by at least 5 animals. She usually plays along, unless she's having a real sassy day and then she purposely answers every question wrong with a smug smile. Too smart for her own good!

                                                       (She loves seeing the chickens)

... We decided to participate in Easter Egg hunts this year. My expectations were extremely low to say the least, but Zoey blew me away. She pointed to an egg right away and I told her to go put it in her basket, and then she just went to town. She was pretty stoked to collect a bunch of eggs, and even more stoked when she realized they had chocolate! (yeah, I'm just now learning that parents of young children put healthy treats in the eggs, or stickers, or little toys... don't judge me for eating way too much candy with my 1 year old!)

... We had the stomach flu, and Zoey decided she was ok watching a movie (never sat through a movie before) as long as it was Disney's Tangled. I was very ok with this since it's a great movie. However after 3 days of watching it on repeat all day, she seems to think this is an acceptable routine and asks every morning to "watch, watch?"

I know... it sounds bad. Don't judge me.

... Zoey finally has some hair! and she brings me rubberbands every day and asks for a ponytail. Only problem is... she doesn't have much hair and it's very fine. But we do the best we can.

... According to the pediatrician she has an extremely advanced vocabulary for her age. She repeats everything, which mostly just makes me laugh and totally catches strangers off guard. Most people just don't expect her to answer their questions. But my favorite is still that when she wakes up at 6:30 she screams "DA-DEE" and then if I go in to get her she sits down and says "no, want da-dee." No loyalty I tell ya...

... And Zoey stats just for my own comparisons down the line.
She'll be 17 months in a week, and she's about 23 lbs.
She still wears a size 2 diaper.
She's outgrown her 9-12 month clothes in length but the 12 mo and up clothes just fall off because she doesn't have enough chub to hold anything up.
She has become a very picky eater. It's frustrating. But she loooovvveeees chocolate. That girl is just like her dad. I think she learned how to say chocolate around 14 months that's how deep the love runs.

Settle down it'll all be clear

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So I get this text from my sister informing me that I haven't blogged in 6 weeks...

followed by "you suck at blogging."

Well, yes, yes I do. But you try growing a baby and teaching a toddler all her body parts and animal sounds while keeping her from eating off the ground. S'not easy.

Yeah, you read that right (in case anyone reads this blog that isn't related to me... which I'm guessing is ... probably a big fat goose egg). Baby numero 2 is due beg. of sept, so expect arrival sometime mid october probably, and we find out the gender next week!

Anyhow, I realize there are lots of other mothers out there who manage to be pregnant, raise their child(ren), keep their house clean (please don't knock on my door today, or probably tomorrow either... i'm serious, i won't even open for the fedex dude), blog, craft, and all sorts of other tasks.

And to them I say.... quit making me look so bad!

Or maybe perhaps share some of your secrets... because only thing I'm sure to get done each day is take a nap! (I wish I wasn't serious. 'k maybe not EVERY day, but at least 5 a week... yeah, i'm pathetic I know)