It's like rain on your wedding day

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another fitting title "It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap..."

I got married on thursday! And yes it rained, or poured... or you could say a mini hurricane (a gift from my blessed home state of North Carolina perhaps). But it quit raining just in time to come out and take pictures. It was probably a perfect 70 degrees with a slight breeze, so I hope the pictures turned out well.

Anyhow, we're on our honeymoon in San Diego (yes, go ahead and judge me for blogging while on my honeymoon... but cary is sound asleep and I'm wide awake, soooo.... might as well write for a minute). The honeymoon has been so much fun! We went and saw Cirque du soleil's "O." IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I mean breath-taking, awe-inspiring, astounding, visually overwhelming, and everything else. We've also packed in the zoo, some slots in vegas (don't worry we both got too bored too finish out our dollar each and pretty much walked away), seaworld , wild animal park, and the beach. Pics to come.

It still doesn't feel like I'm married, just on a well deserved vacation.... Maybe it'll hit when we get home. Cary's friends all say it's day 5 when you get annoyed with eachother. Well, day 6 and we're still laughing pretty hard... I guess we'll just take this all one day at a time.

Funny quotes so far:
Vegas guy on the street: "Do you cry yourself to sleep at night because your facebook photo sucks??? Come take a picture with my snake."

Cary is all up in Carla's face, so she responds: (with a lot of attitude) "It's a king size bed dude! You don't have to be right next to me."

Ok, now I can't seem to remember the rest... we've had a couple really hard laughs, but pics to come :)

Ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cary and I continue to handle the stress of wedding planning quite effectively with arguments about future pet ownership now escalating to arguments over posterity :)

Allow me to illustrate...

Cary: I read a study online that said that girls who do not grow up with a pet dog are going to be promiscious.

Carla: That's retarded. I didn't have a dog, and I'm not promiscious.

Cary: You're a rare exception. Do you really want to risk our daughters being promiscious?

Carla: Yes, actually, I would love it if our daughters were promiscious!

Cary: That's it, we're not having children!

Carla: Fine, we're still not getting a dog.

(while eating burritos for lunch)

Cary: (burrito juice is dripping down his arms) I wish you had paper towels. You environmentalists are messy people without paper towels.

Carla: Actually, you could argue we're cleaner, because you just had to wash your hands and then dry them off as opposed to just rubbing bacteria around on a dry paper towel, maybe if you could wrap your burrito right you wouldn't be so messy.

Cary: I wrap my burrito right! I just had too much stuff in there.

Carla: No, see you're supposed to wrap it like a baby--all tight like so.

Cary: I will not allow you to wrap our babies! I don't want you wrapping them to give away as presents or to sell, or to smoke or any other kind of wrapping.

Carla: Oh yeah, my babies are gonna be cute, maybe I will wrap them and sell them on the black market.

Cary: They'll call you the Black Market Mama... BMMmmmmm. I won't allow it. We're not having children.

Carla: Whatever, I do most the work... I'll decide what to do with my kids.

Cary: Good luck having kids on your own BMMmmmmmm.

I want a simple explanation for what I'm feeling inside

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I underestimated the stress of planning a wedding.

As far as planning a wedding goes, nothing goes as planned. And, although these things aren't a big deal, when compounded with the all the emotions you're feeling... they tend to result in meltdowns of various degrees.

So for memories sake (and perhaps to either allow you to reminisce the events leading up to your big day, or mentally prepare for your future big day), here's some of my more exciting meltdowns.

1. Dress Shopping- Allow me to explain that although I am a size 2, this does not necessarily make for happy dress hunting. The average wedding dress shop stocks dresses for girls who are a size 6 and about 6 feet tall (not really, but obviously this allows enough fabric in case they are, and hemming is only a minor fee ;) if they aren't). I went to about 8 bridal stores before my breakdown over the fact that every dress made me look like a hobbit just waiting for the foot hair to grow in! So before you decide to hate on the little girl... check her feet, she might have to go schedule a waxing appointment before anyone will take her engagement seriously.

2. Ties- Cary has a large family, with lots of boys. This means we need about 24 ties for our wedding. At the typical $10-$15 a tie, this makes for quite a chunk out of the wedding budget! Well, determined to make ends meet... I search high and low to find a NY wholesale tie retailer and order some ties! For only $3 each! (Sorry they're a little on the short side, dad). Fantastic, right? Well, if they hadn't come in the WRONG color. So far all the wedding merchandise was carolina blue (if you don't automatically have a visual of this color, I'm not sure about the status of our friendship). The ties are in a cobalt/pool/wannabe turquoise blue. After a week of fretting and being less than pleasant, I decide that I can't find ties anywhere else (oh and the company's return policy is not actually a return policy) and I now reel to rearrange everything around this color.

3. His ring- Cary and I were at a bridal fair looking at rings when he finds one he likes. It costs around $200. Cary decides that the price is ridiculous and they sell men's rings for $50 online, so we should just order one. Sounds good to me. So we get him sized, go online and find almost the exact ring and order it. Well, the ring has come and.... it doesn't fit. Sucks to size it, but I figure at least it wasn't too expensive. Until, I'm told you can't size a titanium ring... (I probably should have known this before hand, but sadly, I did not). So now, with the wedding a week away, I have a ring that is too big for my fiance's finger and a return policy that will take two weeks to get me a new ring.

4. Money- Not only is planning a wedding stressful because our society has countless shows demonstrating the amazing things you can do with $250,000, and you don't have that, but it's a bit emotionally/financially stressful to write out $600 checks on a regular basis. Trying to make your imagination fit within your budget is difficult and extremely time consuming. It takes lots of searching online, shopping, coupon clipping and then I've resorted to crafting (which would probably be fun if I wasn't making 15 of the same thing). To illustrate the stress, let me share one of my scarier moments (and yeah, Cary still wants to marry me ;)

After a long saturday of wedding stuff, we headed home. I'm tired and just feeling overwhelmed, so Cary suggests we stop at 7-Eleven and get a mountain dew for me. I state that I don't want to spend the money and I'll just go home and drink water cause it's free. He insists on getting me a soda... it's only $1.50! Finally, annoyed I pull in and say you can go get yourself a drink, but I don't want one. So he goes in and after 5 minutes comes out with a soda and a chocolate milk. When he gets in the car, I say "I didn't want a soda." He says, good cause I'm gonna drink it. I respond, "Since when do you drink Mt. dew... you're a Dr. Pepper guy." "Since now" he says. Then not even trying to hide my annoyance I ask how much did you pay for that? He says $1.60 (and it's a 20 oz. bottle). And then I just lose it. Seriously! "Cary, the fountain drinks are only a dollar, you get twice the amount of soda, and it tastes better!" Probably realizing that I'm right, he says "well, it's not for you anyhow." He opens the soda, takes a swig and then makes a face, followed by "This really isn't good." Me: "Duh, you got a diet." Cary: "Seriously! Aghhh. That's it, I'm throwing it away." Me: "You're not throwing it away, you just wasted $1.60... I'll drink it."

Ha ha, I'm ridiculous... but at least, so are our arguments. It makes it so much easier to laugh and move on 5 minutes later. Hmmm, and now I want a Mt. Dew...

The itsy bitsy spider... wait, wait, wait hold up

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Itsy bitsy my foot!

(I'm going to refrain from posting pictures on this post, due to the nasty related picture two posts ago)

Let me tell you a story.

So, my room has a spider infestation. Let me explain how I came to this knowledge.

Shortly after moving back from Germany, I was reading my scriptures when a spider fell from seemingly out of nowhere to land on my scriptures and cause a mild heart attack (oh yeah, I have arachnophobia (which is also interesting that "no phobia" is in the name arachnophobia... i digress)). Anyhow, after jumping clear to the ceiling and running out of my room screaming, my life saver (Jo) comes to the rescue and kills the spider.

Well, of course I couldn't just hop right back into bed... thus a horrible night's sleep ensues on my wretched BYU issued plaid couches.

After having had a full day to recover from my trauma, I determine that I can indeed sleep in my bed and proceed to read my scriptures before going to bed, when..... imagine the jaws sound right now.... another spider falls onto my scriptures! Now, having my doubts about scripture study, I call Cary, and being the perfect match for me that he is, he comes and takes everything out of my room, pulls apart my bed and vacuums up about 6 more spiders.


So, I wish that was the end of my story, but no...

Now, about every two weeks or so I have a dream about a spider, only to wake up and make Cary search my room again to find more spiders.

Of course, last night after Cary had gone to bed... my creepy crawly tormenters came out to play. So what do I do?

What any sane person would do! Break into cary's apartment and sleep on his cuddlebag as far away from the spiders as I can get! Sorry to break your honor code housing rules BYU, how about you get managament to spray for spiders?!?!?

Your very tired friend,

**Thank goodness I'm moving in a week**

Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights

Saturday, August 7, 2010

So, a few of you (if that) may have noticed my sharp decline in blogging over the last two months. Since I don't do much other than plan my wedding (which you should come to), I have major writer's block.

However, it's not like my life is a total yawn... so here's a couple of the fun things I've been up to...

-Mona Rope Swings: this has been on my bucket list for at least two summers, and it was a lot of fun! it's just a lake about 30 mins away with rope swings tied to tall trees.

-World's Largest Water balloon fight! So much fun!

-Scrabble sundays. My new hobby is playing the computer at scrabble to unwind. It's a little sad, but I love it. My high score is 360 pts. Beat that!

-Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me.... kids movies are seriously awesome this summer.

-Taste of the Valley. For only ten bucks, 24 provo restaurants set up booths and let you come sample some the food they offer and give you coupons. It was delicious and ridiculously filling, I think it was about 3 hours before I could move again.

-30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. I work out a lot to relieve stress, feel somewhat productive, and to help Cary train for his triathlon. Now I'm doing THE DIRTY DASH, so I seriously gotta be in shape. It's my favorite workout dvd, and it's only $10. Check it out.

-Speaking of THE DIRTY DASH, here's the map. So that's my upcoming excitement! It's gonna be awesome. If you live in Utah, you should most definitely sign up and participate.

Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight

Friday, August 6, 2010

I had horrible dreams last night...

I wish I could blame it on my dinner, but no, I made some delicious pork fajitas (I'm so domestic, seriously ;)

Anyhow, dream numero uno (this is just a quick recap): I'm talking to my sister Emily about her new diet. Emily has had several different food allergies for the past 5 or 6 years including gluten, chocolate, milk, soy, and then recently was struggling with sugar in the diet. Needless to say, this limits ones options for nutritional consumption... so, she consulted with a holistic doctor, who suggested it might be a parasite. Well, in my dream she said that she found out it wasn't a parasite causing her digestive discomfort-that is was a SPIDER!

On comes the nightmare... ugh, how did a spider get in her, and keep living, and cause all these issues for 6 years. So aside from being truly freaked out, I also felt my fear of spiders had been validated (smirk to all of you who make fun of me for being scared of spiders).

Dream 2: I dreamt that I was so busy still trying to pull everything together and get my hair done on my wedding day that I pretty much missed my wedding. I was a little over an hour late, and Cary had left and the temple peeps said I lost my time slot and there was nothing they could do for me. Cary was upset with me for standing him up and wouldn't return my phone calls. So there I am just crying and crying, because I do want to marry Cary (I just also wanted my hair to look good)... and after a while then I'm bawling because what a colossal waste of time and money putting the wedding and honeymoon together all for nothing.

My dad's advice in the dream. Move on and go back to school, ha, he's so practical, even in my dreams.

However, I, of course, was trying to remedy the situation and thought, well I can hurry and call provo temple, they'll have an open slot for a sealing, and then when the provo temple was completely booked I knew it was a dream.

I mean, who gets married in the Provo temple? (I don't think anyone who reads this blog has been married in the Provo temple, but if you were... don't take that personally)

So, here is the beautiful temple that I need to be at by noon on Thursday, August 19th. Help me out and shoot me a text to make sure I don't miss my big day!

Ice Ice Baby

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Imagine you're engaged to a guy who, everytime you're ready to go, says "would you stop... ... collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new edition..."

Yeah, you wish you had my life. I know.