I'm only one voice in a million

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes you see a movie trailer and you just know you're going to identify with that movie...

"Did you get a job yet?" "No, but I have feeler's out... lots"

Oh and the fact that I love Natasha Bedingfield's new song definitely sells me on this movie.

I want you to know, that it doesn't matter

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes I feel inadequate.

I don't dress in the cutest clothes. Trendy has never been an adjective preceding a description of me or my attire.

I am not the most knowledgeable gospel doctrine teacher. Scripture study is my biggest struggle when it comes to actively living the gospel. Can someone please explain Isaiah to me?

I can't seem to escape the deathly grip of the restaurant industry.

My face still breaks out, and I define ponytail and unkept bangs.

Yet, when I am feeling inadequate...

I remember

That, although my style has been compared to a 40 year old, Jackie O showed the world that classics are timeless

Church isn't ever really about what you know, it's about discovering that which you didn't know

I have had more success in my 3 years at a job not using my degree,
than I might have had using my degree.

Zits keep people from becoming intimidated by my good looks ;)
and at least I can grow all that unkept hair!

He did the mash, He did the monster Mash

Friday, October 22, 2010

(Scene: Cary and I are eating some delicious lasagna for dinner)

Cary: Sooo tell me about your day

Carla: Oooh I went grocery shopping and got some sweet deals. I even got us two pumpkins! And guess how much they cost??

Cary: (like he already knows) 10 cents a pound

Carla: No! 5 cents a pound! They were only 50 cents each! That's like the best freakin' deal of my life!

Cary: Seriously? Best deal of your life? I mean if it were chocolate, maybe. I mean, it gets us what, an hour of entertainment, maybe! I could just sit in front of the tv for an hour... FOR FREE!

Carla: That's it! I'm taking back your pumpkin

Said I'm so sick...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cary had a sick day yesterday.

I picked him up early from school, took him home and tucked him in with way too many blankets (we may own a ridiculous amount of blankets... nevermind, you can never have too many blankets).

Then we spent the afternoon ridiculing house hunters on HGTV, laughing at Prince of Persia (and why movies shouldn't be based on video games), and enjoying some comfort food with halloween pumpkin sugar cookies to round out the evening.

I wish every day could be a sick day... minus the sick part of course.

On my knees I think clearer

Monday, October 18, 2010

Everyone seems to be very interested in my job situation... so allow me to fill you in.

As many of you know, I quit my job waiting tables in Germany (making absurd amounts for serving) to come home and win over Mr. Cary Tippets.

As you know, I accomplished my goal! And I decided to reward myself with a little time off from my typical 50-60 hour work weeks to plan a wedding.

Although, this was probably not the wisest decision... that is to leave only the daunting task of wedding planning on my plate without other distractions... it was enjoyable to have time to spend with Cary and friends, as well as ponder my next career move.

Well, the wedding came together, the honeymoon was bliss, and we came back to an empty apartment in provo the beginning of September.

Almost 6 weeks later... my apartment is not empty. I have two comfy couches, a sweet tv, a finished table, chairs that will get done some day, a kitchen that is all mine and decorations slowly going up on the walls. I also applied for countless jobs. I decided that the learning experiences as a server had been mostly exhausted, so it was time to set my hopes on other forms of employment.

Those other forms of employment weren't setting their sights on me, however. So after 3.5 weeks I decided to expand my search to include restaurant management. BOY, did the offers start pouring in. (At least I know where my strengths lie). I even got an offer pretty quickly for a well paying restaurant manager position. It seemed great, except as I was leaving the 7 hour orientation, I got that sinking feeling that can only be related to that feeling at the end of summer when you have to go back to high school. (I'm sorry if you loved high school, you are weird.)

Don't get me wrong, high school was a good experience for me. I played sports, participated in clubs, had lots of friends, and had great grades, but at the end of every summer a minor depression accompanied the wretched return of the cinder block prison. If you still don't understand me... go rent any movie with a teen in it.

Soooo, back to the details of my life, I decided to accept the offer stating I could start in a week (a.k.a. desperately hope for some other option to pop up in the next week).

AND it did! I got an offer as a physical therapy aide! I was so pumped. A job using my degree and something that might even give me insight to my education options down the road. I couldn't be more thrilled... til he told me the pay. Barely enough to cover the bills before taxes, and definitely not enough to glance past the ramen noodle aisle, I was deflated to say the least.

After weighing the pros and cons however, I decided new experience was the way to go. So I started the PT job and went back to the Mac Shack part time to make up the pay difference. Well, I didn't last very long. After a week and some crying because I never got to see Cary, I was spending 2 hours a day commuting, I felt unappreciated and overworked, the house hadn't been cleaned, the laundry hadn't been done and I was exhausted... not to mention I foresaw no time for friends in my near future, I quit.

The morning after I quit was glorious. I didn't have to rush out of bed at 5:30 to battle the traffic to work. I actually felt rested. I had time to make Cary lunch and kiss him goodbye. Despite praying before I quit, around 2 it sunk in that I'm the girl who quits a job in terrible economic times with no prospects in my future.

I'm silly, I know. I'm happy though, and that matters more to me. My family matters more. So (if you made it to the end of this post) please pray that I get a 2nd chance at finding a job, whether I deserve it or not. And if I can be so bold, let's pray that it pays enough to cover the bills and is closer to home :)

It's your birthday so I know

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cary is a QUARTER of a CENTURY.

I know, he's getting old! But don't worry, we did our best to have a great start as he begins the descent into his balding years... oh wait, he's already bald.... well, who cares then! Bring on 25!!!

A few pics from the day...

It was a chocolate birthday--mugs worthy of cary's addiction!

A tee to declare his true love.

Carolina Hoodie from mom and dad! We're brainwashing him for basketball season... and maybe before grad school apps are due too ;)

A BYU snuggie to cuddle up at the drive in movie later.

Ahhh he got me with the birthday kisses.

Sexy can I, just pardon my manners

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Cary and I are sitting at breakfast this morning (I made homemade Egg English Muffin Sandwiches... yummm... little pepperjack cheese, little tomato, so delicious... i digress), and he starts to quiz me in preperation for my job interview this morning.

Cary: Why should I hire you (indignantly)?

Carla: Because I want the job.

Cary: Everyone wants the job, the economy sucks.

Carla: No, I want "this job." Besides the interviewer isn't going to ask me everything with disdain and disgust.

Cary: You have to make me want you!

Carla: Oh, you want me ;)

Cary: sexual innuendos are not going to get you a job! I would refrain from using them in your job interview.

Carla: Thank you obi won...