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Monday, April 30, 2012

I've been tagged by my friend Danniey, and since her answers and questions were so intriguing... I figured I'd play. Here's how it works:

1. Post these rules.
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
5. Tag 11 people.

1. Where is your favorite place to eat?
Probably Nantucket Grill. Their lobster bisque is divine, the roasted chicken and filet mignon with lobster reduction sauce amazing, and the eclairs... out of this world.
2. If you had a day off from your normal daily responsibilities, what would you do?
Sleep in. Work out and take a LONG shower. Go out all day long, doing anything really. The luxury is in not having to be home every 3 hours.
3. What is your favorite city?
4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Teleport. Or if we lived in a world where other people have superpowers, it'd be to steal their superpowers.
5. Would you rather be in a room with 50 wasps or 50 snakes?
50 snakes
6. What is your favorite chore?
Making the bed, or I usually don't mind doing the dishes.
7. What is your least favorite chore?
8. If you could have 30 extra minutes a day to do anything you want, how would you spend that time?
Working out or cooking. So I'd be better off doing the former
9. Celebrity you wish you looked like?
Kate Beckinsale. She's Cary's celebrity crush.
10. Movie that makes you cry every time?
Life is Beautiful
11. When is the last time you had a really good laugh?
Last week, Cary was walking around talking about his new pants I bought him. The "LOVE" pants he kept saying. "Oooh you bought me looooove pants." "Don't I look hot in looove pants!" I was so confused, so I go and check the pants label. Yeah, the style is actually "Loose." They're Old Navy loose pants. I then almost peed my pants laughing at Cary in his "love" pants. I love laughs like that.

1. If you could go back to school and major in something different what would it be?
2. What is your go to outfit when you want to look good, and you're in a hurry?
3. If you could only watch one tv show over and over, what show would you pick?
4. What's your favorite book, or the first that came to mind?
5. If your life had a theme song what would it be?
6. Who is someone you miss having in your life (from moving away, passing away, just busy whatever)?
7. Would you rather be tired for the rest of your life or hungry?
8. Who is someone you admire and would like to emulate?
9. What is your favorite game?
10. If you had to leave your home forever and could only take a few "valuables" what would you take?
11. What grocery item do you regularly splurge on?

Ahh the tricky part... ha, I don't know who reads my blog but based on comments I'll request answers from Emily, Jessamyn, Elizabeth, Mary, Lindsay, Ashley, Teri, Jamie, Kaley, DeeAura, Shelli... and I'll bend the rules to anyone other readers of mine, I might get a handful out of this ;)

Give said the little stream

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh yeah, Easter happened. And then life happened and Zoey got sick and Cary got busy with school (read: he's not around to distract zoey so I can blog and that girl takes a lot of attention) and I've been devoting all her nap time to working out.

But Easter was great. Here's some evidence.

Zoey and I

Cary and Zoey.... matching yellow polka dots=cute.

Do I have to pose?

Easter bunny was nice and brought Zoey some toys... since she can't eat any of the goods. Next year zo, next year.

We did take family photos, but you know when you've been eating healthy and working out really hard and you feel skinny--and then you see your photo. Yeah, pregnancy obviously doesn't agree with me. So I'll leave you with this video instead, because Easter and the Atonement are amazing.

This is your birthday song/It isn't very long/Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I turned 26 Saturday!

Happy Birthday to me!

In the past I've recapped my previous years here and here,

Anyhow, 25 was a big year for me.
It was probably my most challenging year thus far, and yet the most rewarding. I became a mother... which will be a whole 'nother post one day. Anyhow, I'd rather post about my fabulous day than the previous years ups and downs.

Cary deserves a huge shout out! He went above and beyond! A few weeks ago a friend posted about birthday freebie's on facebook (just google it)... so I decided to sign up for a bunch of freebie's. Well, I think it started as a joke, but then once all the emails with freebies started pouring in we decided to spend the day on a birthday freebie binge eating tour around town. It was hilarious and fun and delicious!

We started with two bagels and cream cheese at Bruegger's, followed by a sandwich and drink at Jersey Mike's subs (mmm philly cheesesteak for mid morning snack... don't mind if I do), and took Zoey home for a nap. Then headed out for another sub at Firehouse Subs, lunch at McAllister's, salad at Moe's, and then waltzed down Franklin Street for a Krispy Kreme Donut and two Ben and Jerry's scoops!

Thanks to the above mentioned restaurants for the freebies. It was gluttonous, delicious, and perhaps the perfect celebration for some poor students ;)

Cary topped off my evening with a little cheesecake factory, suprise tickets to a clefhanger's concert (my obsession with them is long standing), and tickets to go see Wicked!!!!! I love that man. He knows me so well, and couldn't have picked better gifts for me! Everything I didn't know I wanted and wouldn't have bought to spoil myself.

Pretty perfect day.

Here's some fav songs the clefhangers sang this time, for your pleasure

Rubber Ducky you're the one

Friday, April 20, 2012

The faces that makes me laugh and brightens my day... just sharing

Zoey has been sick all week. Her first "real" sick, up all night, uncontrollably sobbing/screaming, laying on the floor curled up with a blanket sucking her thumb. I feel so bad for her. Colds are pretty horrible when you can't take sudafed or mucinex. Then I feel a little bad for me... I'm exhausted, and sick babies make me lose sight of the joys of motherhood a little.

So I thought I'd share my favorite time of day. Well two.

First, picking baby up out of her crib after a nap. Her smile gets SO big. (Knowing zoey it's just as much about the freedom as it is about seeing me... but I love it none the less).

Second, bath time. Zoey is so funny. She gets a goofy smile when we go into the bathroom because she knows what's coming, and then when we set her in the tub, it's like she just got the best massage of her life. Her eyes roll back a little and she's in complete bliss. She's definitely gonna be a little water baby--we'll have to watch those shower times when she gets older.

Oh I swear to you/I'll be there for you

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby is 5 months old!

It's been a fun month! You keep us laughing with your haha and giggling. You have mastered rolling and do it during diaper changes and when you can't just holler for us to hand you your toys.

You started solid foods! and boy are you an eater :) You love solids. Sweet potatoes are your favorite, but you will gobble up anything we offer, and you often lunge for whatever we're eating as well. (Don't worry we're just as excited for the good eats to come)

You had another big growth spurt, which meant poor sleep (for mom and dad) most of this past month, but you're finally getting back into your rhythm and you've even started taking normal naps most days.

We pass most our days running errands, going on walks, playing with toys, reading books, and seeing friends and family. You are still just as social as ever and love an audience, but mom is your favorite. You holler until I come, and always smirk at whoever was holding you as soon as you get what you want.

We love you baby girl, and couldn't be happier you're our baby (we secretly think you're the coolest--or at least the perfect baby for this family)!

This pacifier still makes me laugh




Quit taking my picture and pick me up!!!

we can live like this forever, it's fine by me

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby girl has her first word down!!

It's "haha."

After she giggles or laughs or we tell a joke, she very clearly pronounces haha.
(If someone wants to teach me how to upload a video, I'll post proof)

Cary argues this isn't actually a word but a sound.
(What a debbie downer--I was already planning on my own little doogie howser being a doctor by 14, so I can charge her obscene amounts of rent allowing me to sit by the pool and drink virgin daiquiri's all day)

Anyhow, since she already has the "h" sound we figured we'd work on "hi" next.

No need to work on mom or dad, she already has those figured out. They are "AHHHHH" and "ACKKKKKKKK", respectively.

I'll post video this week when I catch my 5 month old saying hi on camera. It's pretty great.

we're anxious to try it, three banquets a day...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zoey is the loudest eater I've ever met.

I'm not sure this is really normal for babies.

She is extremely loud and constantly makes sounds that resemble "mmm" and "yummm," but obviously in baby language.

It kind of really embarasses me.

It reminds me of that scene from When Harry Met Sally (yeah, you may not have seen the movie, but doesn't everybody know that scene in the diner?), and I expect people to start saying "I'll have what she's having."

Yum. Rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and milk.

I can only imagine my embarassment when she gets the really good foods...