Pictures of Me, Pictures of You

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cary and I are doing engagement pictures today... let's just hope they turn out better than these ones.

Cary experiences pain when posing with me :/

We're happy, but not that happy.

Nice nostril and double chin shot.

No, we are sober.

He loves getting his tongue in every shot.

Put down the phone!

Don't worry, we won't have any kissing shots.

So hot we'll melt your popsicle

Thursday, June 17, 2010

LISTEN UP all you provo dwellers....
Ok, this post isn't about popsicles... it's about something better
If you are looking for a little something something delicious and summery, just scoot right over to the BYU creamery and try the

S'more Sundae
YUM! Graham Canyon ice cream with hot fudge, marshmallow creme,
whipped cream and mini chocolate chip sprinkles.
It is the perfect little summer sundae!
(I hate that I didn't have my camera on me... but imagination is a wonderful thing)

In other news, I'm still engaged. It's great, minus the planning the wedding part. I hate that all dresses are made for girls who average 6 ft tall. Way to make me feel like a hobbit!
I'm just waiting for the hair on my toes to come in :(

So... planning clearly isn't my favorite, but on the bright side... the suit Cary wanted had sold out, but a very helpful sales associate was able to track down all the pieces and have it shipped to me!

Also, I needed a mood booster so we went and registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond!
Good times! They actually have dishes! And all the As Seen On TV crap that I've always wanted...
Extra friend points for whoever gets me the Titan Peeler ;)

Yeah and that's just how we do it

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cary has decided that we have an "open relationship."

NO, this does not mean we are seeing other people. Seriously? We just got engaged!

Allow me to explain. Cary has determined that an open relationship is one in which you share pretty much everything (possesions, friends, titles, talents). So, for example I can cook, therefore Cary can cook... and volunteer items to be cooked by "us."

I've decided I'm ok with this. I'm just looking forward to the day he gets his PhD and comes home and asks me for something....

Cary: Carla, can you pass me the salt?

Carla: Ummm, that's Dr. Carla.

I used to dream about the life I'm living now

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now that I am engaged, I wasted no time getting down to the best part of any engagement....


Registering for gifts! I mean seriously, how ridiculous is it that you get to run around with a gun pointing at any and all items you could ever possibly need/some you may even want. I have looked forward to my engagment since I was about 15, simply for the activity of registering for gifts. In my single years, I have thought about it often ("hmmm too bad I'm not getting married and can't just register for all this stuff I need") and planned for the day a target employee handed over the scanner.

Anyhow, sadly I must say registering wasn't as exciting as I hoped. It's an internal battle between registering for practical gifts or just scanning every item you think is cool. My argument is that no one is gonna buy me stuff off my registry anyhow... Cary thinks that people will buy stuff off the registry.

So we took a bet. We registered for 108 items (some of which are only available in store (sad, and it doesn't tell you this in the store)), and I say we'll get maybe 24 items (can openers and pizza stone), Cary says a confident minimum of 38. Loser has to do all returns (multiples or whatever)

We shall see....

(Oh and if this made you curious, we registered at target, I'm not gonna post a link because that is just tacky, but if you do look at our list... don't judge. Yes we do realize that I won't get the dyson vaccum cleaner and Cary won't get the dog snuggie... but I mean we had to have a little fun ;)

Come on let's make this dream that's barely half awake come true

Thursday, June 10, 2010

When you work in a restaurant, if no one is currently eating in the building you don't have a whole lot to do. This scenario lends itself to some less than tasteful games. For example "If you had to kill someone at Mac Grill using something at Mac Grill, who and how?" Or one of my co-workers favorites... "He won, She won." This is a rather crass game where you reduce a couple to purely their physical appearance. The premise is that usually couples aren't really physically equal and you decide who is better looking (i.e. he is better looking therefore she won).

Well, I've been dating Cary for a while and allow me to illustrate why we're so much more than a cute couple (some are inside jokes)...

This is why I won

1. He tells me I'm gorgeous almost daily... and I can tell he actually means it

2. He's going to be a physicist and change the world with his scientific discoveries

3. For realsies... it's a scientific word, you wouldn't understand

4. He has a nice shaped head and he spends a lot less on shampoo/hair products ;)

5. He laughs at me, but not in a mocking way, it's more of an "oh that's all that's bothering you" way that puts me at ease

6. His blue eyes

7. He is infinitely patient with me, unfortunately this is a virtue I'm working to reciprocate

8. He's not perfect, but he's a perfect match for me

9. He's prude and proud

10. He's tall

11. He was willing to pay a lot of extra money to go to my sister's wedding with me just because it meant a lot to me

12. He waited for me while I satisfied my need to "move away and explore the world"

13. He goes above and beyond when I'm sick... even finding me 3 empty seats to lie down on the plane and getting me extra ginger ale

14. He walks me home, even if he fell asleep during the movie and I live less than 20 steps away

15. He's always makes me take a break and let him help me

16. He remembers which flowers are my favorite

17. Although he doesn't understand girls, for my sake he tries... really hard

18. He is willing to watch Grey's with me (and although he mocks it, I know he secretly enjoys it)

19. He loves me

20. He wants to be with me for-ev-ER

And... ba dum da dum....

That's why I said YES