How do you, how do you sleep?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes Zoey would rather take a nap on my bed than in her crib.

Call me a bad mom, but sometimes I'd rather she have a nap, than make a big deal about allowing bad sleep habits, blah blah blah... she sleeps fine.

So on days when this is the case I usually wrap her in a blanket and lay down beside her for a few minutes til she passes out, and then move loose items so she won't suffocate. But today she would burrow under the pillows and then if I moved them she'd wake up just enough to burrow back under.

She's a funny girl.

Also, isn't this dress too cute. Why isn't the pattern on pinterest?

Let's go fly a kite

Just enjoying a gorgeous day...

All my friends comment on how fast their babies first year flies by, and I wouldn't say I really feel that way. Zoey is definitely morphing into a little girl and I love it.

But, our days are slow and we don't plan much each day. Just lazy around at the pool, go to the park, enjoy 75 degree weather days in June, and love every minute of it. It's just how we like it!

a good good life

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I like to watch a little morning "news" (i.e. The Today Show, or GMA) while feeding Zoey in the morning and today two stories caught my attention.

The first was about a boy who along with several friends taunted and bullied a 67 year old bus monitor, video taped it and posted it to their facebook page. I won't repost the video because I don't think that's helping the situation, but their remarks were cruel to say the least.

Cary and I were outraged. A 13 year old should know better. At the very least the 13 year old should know better than to post a video on the internet! We discussed the downfalls of society and why children think bullying or being rude in general is ok, but we had more fun coming up with a punishment.

If that were our child.... first, the facebook page would be gone, right along with internet privileges. Then we would make our child (and probably his friends if I knew the parents) apologize on the bus to everyone who rides the bus for what they had to hear, followed by a ride to the bus monitor's house where our child would be forced to deliver an apology note as well as a verbal apology. We also decided our child could spend the next several weeks researching the effects of bullying and offer to give an assembly in their school.

Too harsh? Well, that's what we think of bullying, as well as stupidity... what would you do?

The other story was of Madonna Badger, the mother who lost her 3 daughters, mother and father in a house fire last Christmas.

She has decided to speak to reporters about the incident 6 months ago, and I cried listening to her. I can not imagine waking up one morning and no longer having my family.

All week I have thought to myself how lucky I am to have Cary and Zoey in my life. Zoey is so much fun and the perfect baby for me. I honestly feel like I am living the perfect life, and to imagine it could be gone in an instant is heart wrenching. I am so grateful to have the family I do, for as long as I get to have them--hopefully a very long time!

I wish I could have told him in the Living Years

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy First Father's Day to Cary!

He's such a natural with Zoey. He never hesitates to change a diaper, get messy feeding her, sing and rock her to sleep, read her books, or find something to make her laugh. She is a lucky little girl and she adores him. I'm so grateful to have his support.

We love him and can't wait to cuddle and swing away our summer nights on his new hammock!

Baby's got blue skies up ahead

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 7 Month Birthday Zoey!!!

7 months! It's starting to sound like you've been around a long time. The time is going quickly now that you are sleeping well :)

You're such a fun little girl. You light up when people talk to you, and you love to giggle. Bath time is still your favorite, and you love exploring new anything... food, toys, books, places or people. We think you keep getting cuter and you're definitely clever and feisty. You keep us on our toes by testing your boundaries every day. We love you!

-M & D

You don't know you're beautiful

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zoey has started making a new face. I don't know where she learned it. But it's kind of funny.

Summer sun, something's begun...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're on vacation in estes park colorado, and it's been a lot of firsts for zoey

First time seeing the gorgeous rocky mountains

(yeah that's zoey sitting on a mountain by herself... ask cary about that one!)

First time munching on finger foods (yum puffs... not so happy about the french fries...) (no pic, because I was being responsible making sure she didn't choke)

First time hanging out with cousins...

First bike ride

First hike

First ride down the slide (still gotta take a pic)

what has not been a first, but first in a long time... a few royal blow outs. Lovely. What's better than a colossal poop that comes squirting out her onesie leg holes while you're up a mountain?

My bro-in-law has coined the vacay the apoopcalypse. I think I'll just make her a onesie that says "I got naked in Rocky Mountain National Park" or "Been there. Done that. And I was nude. Estes Park, Colorado."