And she's daddy's little girl

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The topic in church today was father's! Obviously...

Cary walked away from the meeting a little annoyed because he feels like mom's get praised and told how amazing they are; whereas our speakers today talked about how dad's need to show their love to their spouse and children, spend time with their family, and follow the commandments.

Although, there weren't very many stories shared about father's, the speakers highlighted important things for father's to do with their children. In particular, father's should spend one on one time with their kids, go on vacations, and talk to their children.

All of this just got me thinking about my favorite times with my dad...

So I'm going to share :)

As a kid, I remember going shopping with my dad. He's not a big shopper at all, but I remember him taking me shoe shopping and always understanding my need for whatever shoe was popular at the time. He let me get $50 timberland's in 3rd grade! He'd also take me shopping for his clothes and ask my opinion on his ties (which made me feel so grown up and trusted.) My absolute favorite though was when we'd go shopping for mom. He'd take me to pick out my mom's christmas present, birthday present, and mother's day gifts. I loved it. It made me feel great when mom loved what we had picked out.

(Now, my dad very well may have done this with all the kids at different times, but it seemed like it was our thing--which is all that really matters).

I also remember late nights swimming in the pool in our backyard. He'd never rush me off to bed. We'd just float there and let the helicopter leaves fall from the trees and listen to the rhythmic slaughtering of the bug zapper. Oh, summer nights...

As a teenager, some of my best memories are learning to drive. Dad isn't always the most chatty. But he'd talk to me about cars. I had lofty dreams of buying a car which dad would attempt to talk me out of, while humoring me and explaining all the different cars for sale in the paper. He'd also take me on drives to get experience while I had my learner's permit. The cold dark mornings on the way to seminary are forever burned in my mind as we listened to talk radio, and dad would freak out everytime I ran over an animal--there are a lot of little critters in NC that are hard to see in the dark!

Anyhow, I could go on, but the point is that I'm a lucky girl. My dad always put us kids first and I have so many great memories thanks to him.

Hit me with the words you got and knock me down

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soooo.... I may not be handling pregnancy as gracefully as I once hoped I would (read: people ask me how I'm feeling and I respond "HUGE" with a few tears in the corners of my eyes).

Honestly, I've been really lucky. I haven't been too sick, and I didn't really start showing til about week 16. And then it was just a little bump, easily mistaken for a big meal.

Well... I've popped. In the last two weeks I have grown more each day, outgrowing more and more outfits by the day. I attempt to keep my concerns about my appearance between Cary and my pile of discarded clothes on the bedroom floor, but I was so fortunate (sarcasm) to have my insecurities thrown in my face yesterday. An ob/gyn is talking to me and looks at my belly and says, "oh well, you're like 28 weeks, right? you're almost there."

..... long pause..... me: "No, I'm just huge, thanks."

Usually, when people ask if I'm preggo, I smile and say "oh no, I just ate a big lunch," then when the look of horror ensues, I tell them I'm joking and yeah I am preggo.

But this doctor practically said I'm almost two months fatter than I should be!

This just happened to come at the end of a week filled with several less than flattering comments... needless to say Cary has had his work cut out for him. Poor guy.

I'll eventually post pics of myself, but today I feel very much like this guy

Struggling to keep my shirt from curling up over my belly.

I blame magazines, for giving me the hope of looking as gorgeous as heidi...

This is her at 9 months. Yeah... some days I wish I was a 6 ft tall, drop dead gorgeous super model.

Instead, I more closely resemble...

Anyhow... don't worry too much about me. Just a bad day, and I keep a cute onesie taped to my mirror to remind myself of the end goal... a beautiful baby with cute little chubby legs and funny faces!

Just can't get enough

Friday, June 10, 2011

tehehe... check out this text convo btw my bestie jo and Cary.

Jo: Cary, I didn't even tell you congratulations!!! She is going to be one cute girl!

Cary: Thanks Jo! I sure think so, I'll have to restrain myself from soiling her :)

Jo: Hahaha please reread that text. And yes you will have to.

BAHAHAHAHA... oh cary, he should really proof read his texts before sending them (but at the same time, i haven't laughed that hard in a while).

***in case you missed it, he meant spoiling her***

Oh this has gotta be the good life

Sorry for the wait...

I've got a feeling that it's gonna be alright

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wow, it's been so long since I blogged I'm suprised I remembered the password.

I'll be even more suprised if someone actually thinks to check my blog and read this.

So of course I must come back with a bang!

I'm Preggo! And tomorrow I find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Really, I have no preference. I want both so bad, I don't care which I get first. I've always wanted little boys and it'd be especially fun to brainwash a boy with my grandeur plans of tarheel basketball while we are in NC, but a little girl with chubby legs sticking out of baby bloomers sounds awesome too!

Anyhow... so there's my excuse for not blogging. Not a very good one (since most my friends are mom's and somehow find the time), but I'm tired, growing a baby, working 40+ hours a week, keeping Cary in line ;), cramming in friend time before we move, ya know...