Look at this photograph, every time i do it makes me laugh

Monday, December 10, 2012

Can I just say... I dread family photos.

I mean, we all have mental images of our awful 80's family photos that seem to haunt us. (Sorry mom, it's true, my bangs, all the denim... )

Then the fact that Cary and I are not photogenic.

You don't have to lie and tell us we are. I think we have a rare gift for squinty eyes, producing double chins, and adding 20 lbs on picture day.

That being said, this mom gig makes me feel super guilty for not getting pictures taken. So I asked a friend, Monica (if you want her info so you can get pics, let me know) to meet us for a quick 45 minute jaunt through campus before I had to be to work.

And I liked a couple... which is all one really needs.

I laugh so hard... every. single. time. i look at this