Time, where did you go?

Friday, June 12, 2009

I leave in 5 days!!!!!!!!

Yes! I'm so excited. It's felt like a long time coming. And it's finally here, and it's gonna be awesome! If you don't know what I'm talking about, then we're not friends. Just joking... it probably means I'm a terrible friend and didn't fill you in. I'm going to Germany in 5 days! 

So I went shopping today to get all the travel size stuff and other odds and ends I need. It was just like when you used to go shopping for camp to get all your gear. I love this kind of shopping. It's so fun to get new stuff, especially when it's for an adventure. It's almost as good as shopping for a new school year (but not quite, because that results in tons of new clothes... which i can't exactly justify for this trip). 

I did however, get a new pair of dress pants from Gap and I love them. Not to brag, but these are miracle pants that make me look HOT. I unfortunately just need a place to wear them. Cassie suggested a date, but since I scare boys, I'll have to think of something else.

Finally, despite all the pending excitement, my life has recently been reduced to work and prison break. I am new to the show Prison Break, but i'm really enjoying it. It's addicting and has taken over my life to the point where I have passed on the gym two days in a row because I only had time for the gym or prison break, so I chose prison break. Kinda pathetic, I'll admit it. But Wentworth Miller is hot, so don't judge. 

***Disclaimer: I was going to pardon all the exclamation points (all you cynics) who think you should only use them when you are seriously overjoyed... but I am seriously overjoyed, so I'm leaving them. No pardon.****

I feel like you wouldn't like me if you met me

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ha, so I reread my post from saturday night, and yeah... rough night. Good thing I've developed a short term memory for bad nights at the restaurant. 

Anyhow, I thought I would quickly post something happy so all of you (yes the two people that read my blog count as "all") do not become concerned for my overall well-being. 

Dang, I just took a bathroom break and now I can't remember the funny anecdote I was going to share. Pathetic. Ooh shiny object. Seriously.

Side note though* (because I have to tie the title in somehow, right?) Sometimes I get in a group of people and I just start talking to entertain. I'll say whatever if I know it'll get a laugh, and sometimes I can be pretty ridiculous. My family (who are the ones who read this blog) can attest to this. And even though people do find me entertaining (which makes me really happy), sometimes a boy you're interested in joins the conversation.... and inevitably, I get home and think "way to go, carla.... dang, now (said boy) just thinks I'm a crazy!"

Life's funny.

Where does the good go?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Waiting tables, or any job that gets paid based on tips, is an interesting occupation in that people get to decide your pay and therefore use this opportunity as a chance to evaluate you. 

I don't know what it is about waiting tables, but people totally milk this chance to evaluate a complete stranger based on sometimes a 5 minute interaction. Certain people feel that it is their responsibility to mankind to point out to the world everything that is wrong with their server as if it is a huge injustice to the world that their server couldn't hand out straws while balancing a tray of 10 drinks and handing those out to the correct person without spilling. 

Let me illustrate this in a way that everyone who's ever had a job can understand. Typically jobs require some sort of evaluation by your superior. Fortunately this usually only takes place every 6 months to a year. Now they often start off by listing the things that you are doing well in, and then they hone in on those little things that just don't cut it for them. If you are actually a competent employee who is well liked by your superiors these are often petty things for the sake of offering room for improvement. However, despite the fact that these judgements are small, it's still somewhat cutting to hear these, and I know very few people who are not affected by these statements. 

Now imagine going through this scenario 15 times a night. Sure there are appraisals that are fabulous, and people that love you... and then there are those people that rip you apart, and are not satisfied til their malacious venomous piece is said. To everyone. 

I can't really even describe my night. I wish it could just go away. I want someone to call. I want someone to hold me. I know that I'm an adult and having someone hold me isn't going to make my problems go away. I can't just pass them off. It's not like when you are five and mom holds you and really can erase everything, but I want to be held none the less. I don't want to be asked why it was a hard day. I don't want someone to solve my problems or get me to talk it through. I just for a few moments want that comfort, to not feel so alone, to feel that when the world is trying to tear you down there's still someone on your side. 

Well, i guess it's just me and the ipod... and for days like these, I have Jack's Mannequin.

It's gonna be a hard day
(It's gonna be a hard day)
Don't panic, don't panic
We are hanging here

Then you lay your hands freezing on me, and I mumble can you wake me later

Friday, June 5, 2009

So I have given up my much criticized somewhat crazy habit of waking up at 5 am! Though I am saddened by this new development, it has become necessary to change my pursuit for physical perfection to one of mental stability :)

The title is just in reference to how refreshing it is to wake up when I naturally wake up as opposed to when the evil (yet greatly appreciated) little ipod starts playing and the cold air beckons me from my cozy self heated slumber. 

So I'm just taking a month off of swimming (and even though you don't care, I'll explain why).
A) I'm exhausted and I'm soon headed off for a business trip to Germany where energy is of the utmost importance, hence the need to at least restore myself back to balance if not stock pile
B) Even though my schedule hasn't changed, more things happen at night in the summer and people stay up later, making it all that much harder to get up at 5 am... seen how I'm hardly one to leave a party early

So, that is all. 

Changing subjects, Pixar's Up came out this week. It's projected that it would take about 105,854 balloons, each 3 feet in diameter to actually lift a house. Since I'm about a thousand times lighter than a house, I calculate that it would take only 106 balloons to lift me. Cool. But then I wonder... If one popped and you continued popping one by one would you gradually descend back to earth, or would the lack of just one create such a weight difference that you would immediately plummet? I would like to know before I try.