This is myself... under pressure

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As fate will have it, after spending the past couple days shuttling friends to the airport to fly home for Christmas, I have no one to drive me to the airport.

I'm considering calling the provo police and seeing if they wouldn't mind dropping me off. I mean, my tax dollars should count for something, right? And cops should be all about helping and the christmas spirit, right?...

Or, I suppose here comes my first big hitchhiking adventure! Wish me luck :)


Emily said...

Carla. Did you get to the airport? Did you get home?

I would have taken you, but I left on Monday morning.

Have a good Christmas break at home.

Shelli said...

Carla, thank you for being the one to brave the elements for me!

I hope you made it home... I am assuming you did.

Merry Christmas, doll. See you when we return. (And if you need someone to pick you me!)

jessamyn said...

you should have called me!

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