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Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's official. We've left P-town.

Cary says we're never coming back.

(But I've left and said that a few too many times, so I didn't get hung up on goodbye and said "see ya later" (Just in case... don't want to permanently jinx myself))

Soooo our journey across the country began yesterday.

We made it to Colorado Springs with the two cars!!!

I started to doubt whether I'd make it.

I have new found admiration for the pioneer women.

I just drove 10 hours while pregnant and was miserable,
I can't imagine walking 10 miles and birthing a baby in the plains

I've also decided they were insane.

So even though I'm laying on my side today recovering from my horrendous past two weeks...

as my current favorite song states

This could really be a good, good good life.


Whitney Brown said...

Across the country?!?! Back to N.C. or where?!?!

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