You're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Bro. Judd gave some dating advice from the pulpit last sunday, and it was not only wise and inspired, but entertaining enough that I feel the need to share. 

First he stands up and says that the boys need to listen up. He says "Boys, you only need 3 things in a girl. First, find a girl who is more spiritual than you. Turn to your right. Yeah, every girl you see is more spiritual than you. Second, find a girl who is more intelligent than you. Turn to your left. Yeah, she's smarter than you too. Finally, find a girl who is better looking than you are. I don't even need to address that."

Then once the laughing dies down, he says "Ladies, listen up, LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. No guy is going to be perfect. He's not going to be the man you want him to be until he's been married to you for 25 years. So just find yourself a guy who honors his priesthood and you'll do ok."

Ha ha, I love my ward. So there ya go, straight from the bishopric's mouth. I'll let you know how this new pearl of wisdom ends up fitting into my repertoire.


"C" said...

HAHA! seriously that is good advice! maybe i should pass that information on to some boys i know as like a hint hint while i bat my eyes at them.

Dave Buck said...

So my friend pointed me to this blog post because we were just talking about this last night (ie I went off and didn't let him say anything).

These sorts of statements really bother me as a man because it is seriously insulting. And sentiments like these come up fairly frequently. In church. Over the pulpit.

Would Jesus Christ teach that men are stupid? Too stupid to marry women? Would he categorize them as inherently less righteous than women? Maybe they have different spiritual strengths. But it really bothers me that typical female spiritual strengths get lots of praise (which is good, women are great), but the gender differences that typically give men a strength aren't even thought about. Why talk about being equally yoked if men are inherently worse than women? Please don't say this. And please don't teach this. It is not true.

(note: I get his point, and it is a good one--boys need to get the freak over it and find a woman to marry)

Carla said...

dear dave,

I think you missed the point entirely. The bishop isn't trying to say that every girl is more spiritual, or that the guys are inherently lacking in spiritually. All of these statements are completely individual based, and of course everyone is a child of god and we'll let Jesus Christ judge.

The point of this whole speech is simply to tell the boys that you've been instructed to date and find a wife and that's not going to happen by sitting around doing nothing. I think the bishop is purely implying that you just need to start looking and looking in the ward isn't a bad thing. If the guys just gave the girls a chance they might end up hitting it off with a girl in the ward.

Similarly, he's not telling the girls that they shouldn't find a guy who is spiritual and intelligent and good-looking, but we need to give the guys a chance even if from first glance he doesn't come off as a Thomas S. Monson in brad pitt's body.

Unlike your assertions, the bishop is discouraging us from judging and telling us to be open minded. I don't know, maybe you should be asking a girl in your ward on a date.


DeeAura said...

HA! BAM. I love Brother Judd. And the part I love most about this whole statement is that everybody needs to stop being so judgmental of each other and just get to know one another. I'd point that finger of blame at myself just as much as I'd suggest it as improvement for anyone else. For crying out loud! Aren't we all worth knowing?!?! (Okay, so maybe some of us like to make jokes while others go out and play the game. I'm talking about volleyball, of course...) :)

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