Then you lay your hands freezing on me, and I mumble can you wake me later

Friday, June 5, 2009

So I have given up my much criticized somewhat crazy habit of waking up at 5 am! Though I am saddened by this new development, it has become necessary to change my pursuit for physical perfection to one of mental stability :)

The title is just in reference to how refreshing it is to wake up when I naturally wake up as opposed to when the evil (yet greatly appreciated) little ipod starts playing and the cold air beckons me from my cozy self heated slumber. 

So I'm just taking a month off of swimming (and even though you don't care, I'll explain why).
A) I'm exhausted and I'm soon headed off for a business trip to Germany where energy is of the utmost importance, hence the need to at least restore myself back to balance if not stock pile
B) Even though my schedule hasn't changed, more things happen at night in the summer and people stay up later, making it all that much harder to get up at 5 am... seen how I'm hardly one to leave a party early

So, that is all. 

Changing subjects, Pixar's Up came out this week. It's projected that it would take about 105,854 balloons, each 3 feet in diameter to actually lift a house. Since I'm about a thousand times lighter than a house, I calculate that it would take only 106 balloons to lift me. Cool. But then I wonder... If one popped and you continued popping one by one would you gradually descend back to earth, or would the lack of just one create such a weight difference that you would immediately plummet? I would like to know before I try.


"C" said...

I feel like if one popped you would definitely head back down to Earth but not at rocket speed. LETS TRY IT!!! I'll buy the balloons you buy the helium tank (pretty sure you can get them at WalMart.)

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