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Thursday, June 10, 2010

When you work in a restaurant, if no one is currently eating in the building you don't have a whole lot to do. This scenario lends itself to some less than tasteful games. For example "If you had to kill someone at Mac Grill using something at Mac Grill, who and how?" Or one of my co-workers favorites... "He won, She won." This is a rather crass game where you reduce a couple to purely their physical appearance. The premise is that usually couples aren't really physically equal and you decide who is better looking (i.e. he is better looking therefore she won).

Well, I've been dating Cary for a while and allow me to illustrate why we're so much more than a cute couple (some are inside jokes)...

This is why I won

1. He tells me I'm gorgeous almost daily... and I can tell he actually means it

2. He's going to be a physicist and change the world with his scientific discoveries

3. For realsies... it's a scientific word, you wouldn't understand

4. He has a nice shaped head and he spends a lot less on shampoo/hair products ;)

5. He laughs at me, but not in a mocking way, it's more of an "oh that's all that's bothering you" way that puts me at ease

6. His blue eyes

7. He is infinitely patient with me, unfortunately this is a virtue I'm working to reciprocate

8. He's not perfect, but he's a perfect match for me

9. He's prude and proud

10. He's tall

11. He was willing to pay a lot of extra money to go to my sister's wedding with me just because it meant a lot to me

12. He waited for me while I satisfied my need to "move away and explore the world"

13. He goes above and beyond when I'm sick... even finding me 3 empty seats to lie down on the plane and getting me extra ginger ale

14. He walks me home, even if he fell asleep during the movie and I live less than 20 steps away

15. He's always makes me take a break and let him help me

16. He remembers which flowers are my favorite

17. Although he doesn't understand girls, for my sake he tries... really hard

18. He is willing to watch Grey's with me (and although he mocks it, I know he secretly enjoys it)

19. He loves me

20. He wants to be with me for-ev-ER

And... ba dum da dum....

That's why I said YES


elizabeth said...

Hurray!! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear about all the plans!

Mary said...

Carla, that's awesome!!! I'm so happy for you. {And I have to admit, as I was reading through this post, I was thinking, "Man, if Carla doesn't decide to marry this guy soon, she is an idiot." He just sounds so perfect for you.}

Julie Liljenquist said...

Congratulations! When's the big day?

Shelli said...

I love the ring! And I am SOOOOO excited for you.

DeeAura said...

This makes me infinitely happy. :)

"C" said...

thats sooooo exciting!! all i have to say is... (picture me driving across the country, windows down, singing off key as long as i can)

"cause he liked it he put a ring on it, cause he liked it he put a ring on it. Oh Oh Oh!"

"C" said...

PS its very sparkly!!!

Carla said...

August 19th!

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