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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soooo.... I may not be handling pregnancy as gracefully as I once hoped I would (read: people ask me how I'm feeling and I respond "HUGE" with a few tears in the corners of my eyes).

Honestly, I've been really lucky. I haven't been too sick, and I didn't really start showing til about week 16. And then it was just a little bump, easily mistaken for a big meal.

Well... I've popped. In the last two weeks I have grown more each day, outgrowing more and more outfits by the day. I attempt to keep my concerns about my appearance between Cary and my pile of discarded clothes on the bedroom floor, but I was so fortunate (sarcasm) to have my insecurities thrown in my face yesterday. An ob/gyn is talking to me and looks at my belly and says, "oh well, you're like 28 weeks, right? you're almost there."

..... long pause..... me: "No, I'm just huge, thanks."

Usually, when people ask if I'm preggo, I smile and say "oh no, I just ate a big lunch," then when the look of horror ensues, I tell them I'm joking and yeah I am preggo.

But this doctor practically said I'm almost two months fatter than I should be!

This just happened to come at the end of a week filled with several less than flattering comments... needless to say Cary has had his work cut out for him. Poor guy.

I'll eventually post pics of myself, but today I feel very much like this guy

Struggling to keep my shirt from curling up over my belly.

I blame magazines, for giving me the hope of looking as gorgeous as heidi...

This is her at 9 months. Yeah... some days I wish I was a 6 ft tall, drop dead gorgeous super model.

Instead, I more closely resemble...

Anyhow... don't worry too much about me. Just a bad day, and I keep a cute onesie taped to my mirror to remind myself of the end goal... a beautiful baby with cute little chubby legs and funny faces!


Teri said...

You know, I find myself envying all the *clearly* pregnant ladies and the doctor's office. I'm 14 weeks and I look pretty much the same. And as my husband keeps reminding me, "You're not fat. You're growing a person." :) Also, congrats on having a girl!

DeeAura said...

I'm not kidding when I say you're the cutest preggo, and I love you. :)

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