Just can't get enough

Friday, June 10, 2011

tehehe... check out this text convo btw my bestie jo and Cary.

Jo: Cary, I didn't even tell you congratulations!!! She is going to be one cute girl!

Cary: Thanks Jo! I sure think so, I'll have to restrain myself from soiling her :)

Jo: Hahaha please reread that text. And yes you will have to.

BAHAHAHAHA... oh cary, he should really proof read his texts before sending them (but at the same time, i haven't laughed that hard in a while).

***in case you missed it, he meant spoiling her***


DeeAura said...

I'm hyperventilating from laughter right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I can't contain myself. I'm at work. This is terrible.

So is that visual.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA...there it goes again..I can't stop!

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