Love and marriage, goes together like...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today Cary and I were asked to speak in our old singles ward about the joys of marriage.

Being experts and all (ha, we've been married a year), we had soooo many insights (heavy on the sarcasm)

Anyhow, we probably didn't have any impact on the group, but they asked us a lot of good questions. I felt the questions were sincere and deep... too bad I don't ponder the depths of how Cary and I ended up together or why we are happy because then I might have had an answer to some of the questions.


Just some funny things Cary contributed...

He equates marriage to the lessons learned in the Princess Bride.

For example, "Marriage is like the fire swamp. Once you learn the dangers (i.e. what not to say to Carla) it's actually quite beautiful."

Also, "Marriage is great. You finally found a special person you can annoy for the rest of your life."

Ha, good times.

We'll probably never be asked to share our thoughts on marriage ever again.


Kaley said...

You guys were wonderful! Seriously! Jaime and I were talking about it afterwards and you two just seem really, really happy and I think it's because you got to know each other really well before you got married so you're better equipped to deal with things as they come up in your marriage. You really are one of my favorite married couples ever. Your relationship just seems really good and...healthy. You're fabulous.

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