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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Verizon isn't letting me transfer to a NC store (lame) so now I have several weeks to kill. Any advice on how to spend your last two months of pregnancy?

I get tired real easy so I'm sad to admit I've wasted my time watching crap tv lately. Has anyone heard the media refer to the Kardashians as American Royalty (this is in regards to Kim K's wedding)? How sad and pathetic for us. This may be one of the few things that makes me sad to be American. I mean, Britain has Will and Kate (classy) and we have the Kardashians.... sad, sad, sad.

I also watched that show where the girls are pregnant and don't know til they go into labor. Although, I definitely wouldn't want to be that person, I'm amazed that they don't have symptoms. I have the buddha belly going on that makes a lot of tasks difficult, and rather than kick counts, I have more luck counting the few minutes in the day she's not practicing gymnastics in my belly. Oh, and the stretch marks are finally showing up (not as in finally, i wanted it to happen, but finally-the inevitable dread) I'm trying not to make a big deal of it. Cary says he'll love me stretch marks and all ;)

In other news, we're moved in and we have a guest room with a guest bed! Feel free to come visit (even if you live in Raleigh, hey, sometimes you just don't want to drive home). (**For those outside Utah, we're conveniently close to Wilmington Beach**)


jessamyn said...

no, no, no the Kennedys are American Royalty (if anyone is)! That makes me sad that they would even say the Kardashians are anything royal... so sad.

elizabeth said...

Kardashians are trash. I say add a healthy mix of solitaire to your day!

danniey said...

Oh man! I went through a phase where I watched "I didn't know I was pregnant" all the time too! Such a crazy show. Did you see the one where the girl had eclampsia and blacked out and had a car accident and they did an emergency C-section? She didn't know she was pregnant until she came to a few days later and they showed her her scar and her baby!! Nuts..and yeah, how do they NOT feel the baby moving?

Danny and Kaelynn Baird said...

I scrap booked a lot at the end of my first pregnancy. Hang in there! I hope it goes smoothly for you.

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