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Friday, October 14, 2011

Emily just commented on her blog that she hasn't posted much because it didn't seem like the appropriate place for it. I suppose I've felt like that through most the pregnancy.

Yes, I'm still pregnant. Yes, I'd like to see baby girl in the outside world as much as everyone else... or perhaps 50 billion times more. I don't post much, because I'm an awfully pessimistic pregnant girl, and all my smiles, and fake positive attitude gets sucked up at work by random strangers.

For liz: I do get tired of talking about it all day, every woman telling me her labor story, and people commenting on how huge I am--but I deal with it pretty well.

Although I don't help myself out, by coming home and looking back at all my friends pregnant pictures and realizing that their belly reached maybe half the size mine has (yeah, yeah, all my weight gain is in my belly--imagine how much pain that equates to when your little parasite entertains herself by poking her foot as far out as your already stretched to the max skin can take. I'm convinced I'll give birth by her ripping my stomach open herself. I digress).

Anyhow, I wasn't gonna post about pregnancy. Sorry. I'll be happy to tell the world, when baby is finally born.

On to the meat of the post!

For young women's this week, one of the girls was teaching about standards and explaining Mormon standards. She was explaining the importance of not doing drugs, dressing modestly and ended with the fact that we don't encourage tattoos because we respect the bodies we have been given and that's what makes us awesome.

"After all" she says "You wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a porsche, would you?"

(*Not to offend anyone with a tattoo, I just thought it was a clever way to explain our standards)


elizabeth said...

I'm happy you can be positive!

Teri said...

At least your hips and thighs haven't spread all that much (from what I can observe). I feel like a double-wide trailer comin' through. And that's a great way to explain how precious our bodies are! I might have to steal that for my young women! :)

Jessica Day said...

Girl, complain away. I know how you are feeling, and honestly...we deserve to be as cranky as we want. I didn't expect stretch marks to hurt as much as they do, and my adorable parasite has been lying sideways, pushing my ribs in opposite directions.

Don't worry, though. Soon we will be able to start building a lifetime stories to embarrass the heck out of these girls when they bring boys home.

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