Turkey for me, Turkey for you

Friday, November 30, 2012

(So I started this post two weeks ago... whoops)

Happy After Thanksgiving to you! I hope yours was wonderful!

I have a lot for which to be grateful, namely the gospel and my family. Those two things are everything to me.   Of course I also feel I should express my gratitude for a job and the abundance we are blessed with--we were able to buy a new camera! So i can actually show you some pictures!

Also, in zoey news... her words of the week are "cheese, clock, and grandma." We were very impressed when we pulled up to grandma's for thanksgiving, she knew exactly where we were and excitedly said "grandma!" and pointed to the front door. And then while eating dinner she just got real excited about her cheese--that's normal, i know adults who do that :)

Zoey has also learned....
... to clap
... wave and say hi and bye (she's been doing this for a month or so, but it's very clear now)
..."twinkle" she smiles and winks with both eyes... it's too cute, and maybe I'll get a pic soon
... tell you what a dog says: "ruff ruff"
... dance... it's an upperbody twist, she loves dancing
... to "high five"
... to go get things when I ask her. She's especially good at collecting her shoes, hat or coat to go outside... but she'll also gather toys for me.

Chocolate milk for the first time... she didn't set the cup down til it was gone. Girlfriend LOVES chocolate milk.

"Why are you trying to take my picture?"

Out walking with "papa" as she calls grandpa.

So stylish.


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Love the pictures!

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