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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I finally finished Zoey's bedroom! 
(Sad, it's not even a nursery anymore... but hey, at least it got done eventually)

It was cute before, but it needed more finishing touches and I decided I wanted something a little less pink and a little more gender neutral.


After's... sorry they're so dark... not much sunshine today
I sewed new teal crib bedding 
(thanks mom for the help sewing and watching zoey so I could get it done)

 Little sweet dreams cradles

Matching quilt made by Aunt Jenny 

Baby pictures of Cary, Zoey and me... she loves these! And she has to have a twist of the mobile before and after every nap. Thanks Aunt Lindsay for the mobile. 

Aunt Heather made a cute cross stitch! 

I made the headboard, blackout curtains, and painted the dresser and added new knobs. Poor dresser was looking a little worn with the stain chipped off in spots, so we gave it a fresh look. 

Close up of my handy work ;) 

Love it, so bright and fun. 

Also made blackout curtains for the ginormous window. They're nothing pretty, but thanks to them mom and baby sleep well--which is all that really matters, right? 

Zoey in her favorite hiding spot...  

And for her play nook... crayon art made by Aunt Kim!

Having written this i suppose I have a lot of Aunts to thank for the bedroom makeover... thanks sisters, 
and sisters-in-law.

What do you think? Any must have accessories we're missing?  


Unknown said...
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Ashley said...

I think you pretty much nailed it. I can't believe you made that bedding!! Everything looks great. (Love the crayon art by Kim!)

LMorgan said...

I love the picture of Zoey hiding! That made me laugh!

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