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Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been exercising like crazy, and trying to eat healthy, but lack of results is making me want a Mt Dew real bad...

At church, I was talking to a friend about babies and such and we started reminiscing about the horrors of pregnancy, which lead me to look over the ol' blog at pregnancy posts... bahaha I was seriously huge! (I'm glad I can kind of laugh about it... while grimacing and perhaps holding back a few tears)

Anyhow, now 6 months postpartum, I'm happy to report I can pull my favorite jeans up! (Can't button them, and nevermind that I wore them til I was 6 months preggo...)

So to those friends who took a whooping 3 weeks to fit back into your jeans after delivering (yeah, you did post it on fb)--our friendship may have secretly suffered a lot while I searched within myself to not hate you for being beautiful--but, I'm over it and we can be real friends again because I TOO can wear non-elasticized pants!

I also thought I should admit on the blog, I gave up on the no sugar, but it was a great kick start to losing a little more weight, and I'm now eating the insanity meal plans... but I decided I didn't like being weird at social events because I wasn't eating sugar, so now I make exceptions and control my addiction!

Only 9 lbs to go and maybe those pants will zip!

I'm thinking perhaps I should become a star and go on dancing with the stars (although I've never seen that show), I keep hearing how fit people get dancing 8 hours a day.

I suppose you'd get fit doing anything 8 hours a day... yeah, and I'd rather swim or bike--if someone wants to lend me a bike with a kid seat on the back!

Ok, ok, ok enough rambling.


Ashley said...

hahah "yeah you put post it on FB". hilarious.

this post is making me want a mt. dew.

Tyra Hustedt said...

I think most people go through this. I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight around the time Eli was 8ish months, but still didn't really like the way I looked until recently, and Eli's almost a year old! Don't worry if it takes a while. That's totally normal :)

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