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Friday, January 11, 2013

Yikes! Has it really been over a month since I posted?


Well I'd share about Christmas and our December adventures but my pictures all got deleted (I was really sad, and now I'm trying to move on...) But we had a wonderful Christmas! We got to spend time with both families and couldn't be more blessed.

In Zoey news... She is hilarious. She repeats most things I say and always laughs right on cue. She's miserable this week though, as her whole set of teeth it seems has decided to show up--poor girl.

It's a new year, and for me that means new goals. In the last 4 years-ish I've gotten really serious about my New Years Goals. I love the opportunity to really have a good start, to reflect on what I want to change throughout the year, and I never forget to look back and reflect at the end of the year since that's all anyone is talking about.

I usually try to pick 4 goals, one spiritual, one physical, one social, and one mental. Last year I set goals to 1) Have FHE each week 2) read a book a month 3) Plan/participate in a social acitivity for Cary and I at least once a month and 4) Run a half marathon

I did awesome on the first 3, and although I didn't run the half marathon, I did step up my exercise regimen to at least an hour workout a day, lost 40 lbs, and was in excellent physical condition. Looking back the half marathon wasn't very realistic for me financially as well as with a new baby--but I was a new mom, I didn't know what life would be like.

This years goals include:
1) Read the entire standard works
2) Do one Rosetta stone lesson a week (this has been on the to do list for 3 years, yikes, time to finally do it)
3) Keep in touch with friends/family. I want to touch base by email/text/or call at least once a month.
4) Workout at least everyday I don't work (since going back to waiting tables it's hard for me to find the stamina to workout and then walk/be on my feet for 4-7 hours.... so a little less ambitious on this one) and ideally I'd like to end the year weighing the same I do now--sooo maintenance is the goal of 2013!

Wish me luck!


Ashley said...

How did your pictures get deleted? I would cry myself to sleep.

Good luck with your goals! Are you learning Spanish?

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