Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have you seen the Hallmark commercial for Valentine's Day?

The one where someone says "Just tell me you love me", another person "Just tell me you miss me", etc etc. And ends with a cheesy Hallmark plug... All you need this Valentine's Day is a card to say what you need to say.

False. I turned right to Cary and said "No, I don't just need a card, sorry."

Even Kelly Ripa, said she'd be happy with a card for V-day (and, her husband picking his clothes up off the floor)

LIES. Everyone sits on a throne of LIES!

C'mon I get a card from my dentist for heaven's sake! I need a little more, not much more, but something that says you love me more than the dentist...

Say you agree? No?


Whitney B. said...

Heck yes I agree with you! This past year has been a TOUGH one on us as a couple and as individuals! If I were just given a card I would probably scream, right there with you :)
Also my birthday is in 10 days and you better believe it is getting turned into a birthday week. I've never really gotten this passionate about it, but this year has been TOO much so YES I DESERVE IT and I'm WORTH it (thank you Loreal)!

CourtneyMarie said...

I love how you made fun of that commercial, and I spent my whole last blog post talking about how much I LOVED IT!!! Bahahah

Ashley said...

I didn't see the commercial. I'll have to go look it up. But Noel gives me nothing for any a card might be nice :-)

Anonymous said...

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