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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So I get this text from my sister informing me that I haven't blogged in 6 weeks...

followed by "you suck at blogging."

Well, yes, yes I do. But you try growing a baby and teaching a toddler all her body parts and animal sounds while keeping her from eating off the ground. S'not easy.

Yeah, you read that right (in case anyone reads this blog that isn't related to me... which I'm guessing is ... probably a big fat goose egg). Baby numero 2 is due beg. of sept, so expect arrival sometime mid october probably, and we find out the gender next week!

Anyhow, I realize there are lots of other mothers out there who manage to be pregnant, raise their child(ren), keep their house clean (please don't knock on my door today, or probably tomorrow either... i'm serious, i won't even open for the fedex dude), blog, craft, and all sorts of other tasks.

And to them I say.... quit making me look so bad!

Or maybe perhaps share some of your secrets... because only thing I'm sure to get done each day is take a nap! (I wish I wasn't serious. 'k maybe not EVERY day, but at least 5 a week... yeah, i'm pathetic I know)


Kim said...

I only said "you suck at blogging" in response to your text that said "I suck at life." I appreciate how you left out that little detail. When I come home for the summer I'll take pictures of Zoey and update your blog, so you won't even have to worry about it!

Kaley said...

HELLO!!!??? How did I miss this!? That's so exciting! I love when you and Cary reproduce!

elizabeth said...

I read your blog!! Congratulations!! So exciting, love Zoey's shirt. Pregnancy is the worst, I can't do anything other than be pregnant and irritable. So far Lilly and Jack have survived. 38 weeks for me, the end is in sight. (We wont bring up your 42 week pregnancy.) Have you been sick?

Shelli said...

I also read your blog! Holy cow! Congrats.

jessamyn said...

I read your blog too! Congratulations!!!!!!!
Being pregnant is horrible and a miserable existence. I napped multiple times a day and Johnny learned how to pour his own milk.

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