How am I gonna be an optimist about this

Friday, March 21, 2014

I've decided to write my Sleep Training How-To
... you know to add to the overabundance already on the internet
... and because I have 2 children, therefore I am obviously an expert

1. It helps if your child likes both parents. Work on that.

2. Pacifiers are your friend. Start from day one.

3. When your overly fussy infant finally falls asleep and your toddler wakes them up--I won't judge you for screaming, or breaking something (not on or near the children).

4. You have friends through this process. Their names are Ben & Jerry.

5. Fantasizing about elaborate plans to execute the dogs that live below you is normal and probably healthy even.

6. If you feel sleep training is going too well, I recommend passing the stomach flu around the family. You'll get the chance to really make sure what you were doing works when you have to start over from square one multiple times.

These tips free of charge!

-From one sleepy mama to yourself


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