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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7 Months
And being March Madness we had a little basketball photo shoot.



As the last 2 posts implied we're in the thick of sleep training. Still. Nothing is working slash we keep getting interrupted by stomach flu, weird fevers, colds and other fun stuff. So I've caved. We're crying it out. Tucker just barely fell asleep after 45 minutes of screaming. Cary and I have decided if he grows up to be some awful deranged criminal it will probably all boil back down to this.

This is easily the worst part of parenting so far.

Other stats
-Tucker weighs 16.5 lbs. He's in the 15 percentile for height and weight.
-His head is in the 85th percentile.
-He LOVES LOVES LOVES bath time. I think we might have a swimmer in our midst. The kid gets absolutely giddy when we walk into the bathroom and start the water and it's all you can do to hold him down and take his clothes off before he tries to jump in.

And... my brain is overrun with cortisol right now and that's all I can think to write.

Over and out.


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