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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tucker turned 8 months!! 
(And he still doesn't sleep throught the night...)

We were at Cary's brother, Jeremy's wedding this weekend and missed updating. But he had his first train ride and looked like a pro... if not slightly concerned.

Tucker finally crawled today! It's an army crawl, but it's something! 
He has finally established a pretty solid 2 nap a day schedule.
He only loves the expensive baby food that comes in the disposable pouches... of course.
He still loves me best, but is finally coming around to Cary.
At his last dr. appt we were told his height and weight are still 15th percentile and his head is 80th (or something huge, can't remember exactly)...
BIG HEAD, for big brains right?
At any rate, Cary thinks that's why he's so cute, big head and big cheeks.
Tucker loves playing with zoey and sliding down the sweet slide in our living room. 

And, I start back to work this week... so little man is in for a rude awakening. Let's hope he and Cary get used to each other real quick :/


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