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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time for a Zoey post...


At the park she saw a giant puddle, "Dad, I have a great idea! [looks at the puddle, looks back at Cary, smiles big and runs for it]" sadly, she tripped and face planted in the mud...

We gave her one of our old cell phones, and now she constantly says "where's my phone? I need my phone. I gotta call Jon Bradley." And then she has long elaborate imaginary phone conversations with Jon Bradley, who by the way "is her best friend."

Cary likes to use voice command on his phone, and now zoey will follow him around saying "Ok google now" and then laugh really hard. She thinks we're crazy.

Zoey: "Where's (fill in the blank) mom? Did you put it away?!?!?"

While sleep training tucker, "Daddy, Tucker's crying! Go check on him." Cary "I can't Zoey." "Mommy, tucker's crying go check on him!!" (seriously as if listening to your kid cry isn't bad enough already...)

Her bedtime prayer: "Heavenly Father, thank you for Jon Bradley and playgrounds, and please bless me to read my Book of Mormon. Jesus Christ. Amen"

"Daddy can I have some more milk?" "Sure, Zoey" She then kisses Cary, "thanks, you're the best!"

While at grandma's house and mom was saying something to me, "STOP TALKING TO CARLA. Grandma play with me. No more talking to Carla mommy!"

I'm definitely in the thick of challenging 2 year old behaviors filled with no's and why's... but she sure makes us laugh, makes us watch what we say, and melts my heart when she chooses to be a sweet little girl.

In other news, Zoey seamlessly made the transition out of the crib to a big bed. She LOVES sleeping in a queen bed. She collected all her pacifiers and gave them to the store clerk to "buy" a Barbie that she has been wanting for a couple weeks. So far, she occasionally asks what happened to her "facers" but otherwise it's been no big deal. And she refuses to get her diaper changed so we're working on wearing underwear for extended periods of time to get her ready for potty training... 


...but I'm still waiting until Tucker decides to bless me with more than 3 hours of sleep, cause, ya know, I'm told I'm a lot nicer when I've gotten some sleep. And I can only imagine potty training will take a lot of niceness :/


Stefani Leavitt said...

She and Jo would totally be besties - she sounds like such a character! Good luck potty training...I keep trying and Josie keeps...not being potty trained. Hopefully you have better luck!

Ashley said...

No more talking to Carla is my favorite part! Haha! What a cutie, Zoey is!

It really is hard when you're not getting enough sleep. I hope Tucker starts sleeping a little more for you...Walker went through a phase when he was Tucker's age, and started getting up in the middle of the night. Ahhh!!

Kaley said...

She's so cute!

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