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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tippets Family New Years Resolutions 2014

1. Spiritual- Read our scriptures over breakfast instead of at bedtime. Because I work 3-5 nights a week I miss family scripture study and that just isn't acceptable anymore. I think I'm gonna make some cheesy sign like "A scripture a day keeps satan at bay" to post on the fridge as a reminder for the more forgetful members of the family.

2. Physical- Less processed snacks. Hopefully only one a day (saved for on the go, car emergency/dr office type situations) Cary and I are very mindful to eat at least 5 fruits and veggies a day, and eat healthy balanced meals as much as possible. The children, however, do not share our affinity for healthy eats and as long as there is processed anything in the house they hold out for it. So it's gotta go. If there's only healthy snacks available... in theory that's what they'll eat. Or become crazy beggars at the playground--DON'T GIVE THEM GOLDFISH! I SWEAR I FEED THEM OR AT LEAST OFFER FOOD.

3. Mental- Less screen time. I know I'm a broken record with this one, but Cary and I really think we can benefit from less screen time, kids especially (we're probably the only people in the U.S. who think so). We no longer have tv (harder to let go of than I expected), but we definitely want to be more mindful of putting our phones away while the kids are awake and being "present." We want to teach them how to interact with people, be good listeners, be active and play. I'm sure they'll make up for their late start with technology once they get to school.

4. Social- Visit 5 new places as a family. With only 1.5 years until graduation and the possibility of leaving NC we definitely want to have experienced the fun things available around us.

If you have any fun places to visit or tips on the other goals, let me know!

Over and out.


Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

I agree with you about screen time, we are looking forward to a home with no tvs. Currently living with my parents is making that very hard since there is literally one in every one except the nursery. I've noticed too that kids with TONS of personality are usually the ones with limited/no tv. That's my soap box for the day. Annnnnnnnd your family is beautiful!

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