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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Years!

(I operate on toddler standard time... meaning somethings might sometimes get done, occasionally)

And so I bring you my New Years Resolutions a week late...

1. Spiritual Goal: Clean up my language. Quit cussing. Yes, I have gotten into a nasty habit of using (only) the biblical cuss words and have even had my 3 year old repeat one such word when she was really frustrated. Not a proud mom moment. I also need to stop saying negative things about the kids when they're in earshot, or ever (well except to Cary). Sometimes, as a mom you complain to your friends and I think that can be really damaging for the kids so I definitely want to stop that.

2. Physical:  Go to bed by 10:30 at least 4 nights a week. (I can't do weekends because I usually get home from work at 11). Currently I go to bed between 11 and 12, and am ALWAYS exhausted. Yes, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Tucker STILL does not sleep through the night, but I can't control Tucker (apparently) so the best I can do is go to bed earlier

Run a 5k in under 25 minutes. Just wanted something that motivates me to do something besides Insanity, and running fits my budget. Let me know if there's an awesome 5k I should sign up for!

3. Mental: Focus on teaching my children pre-school skills. Zoey's a smart cookie and I've let myself get lazy because she a) generally learns things herself b) we butt heads when I try to teach her, but I can definitely provide more opportunities and more focused activities each day. My goal is to start doing this during nap time 3 days a week.

4. Social: Help my friends more often. This is hard to measure and doesn't follow my usual advice for picking a SMART goal so it's achievable. However, I sometimes shy away from helping friends because it is really hard to do with 2 toddlers. So I want to be more cognizant of when my friends express needs, could use babysitting swaps, or any other way I can step up and be of help to lighten their loads. 
Ta-da! I finally decided and wrote my goals down.

Also... hopefully tomorrow I blog about our family resolutions!

Yes! I love goals so much I forced the family to participate in resoluting with me!


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