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Thursday, September 25, 2008

December sounds like a great month to move. I could pack up my crap, actually go home for christmas this year, and then start fresh somewhere in January. It's so cliche to want to start over in January with the new year and all, but hey, if it works... it works.

In other news, I've started an adult swimteam. It's not really a swimteam, because there aren't meets. But, it's swim practice with a coach everyday from 5:30-7 in the morning, so what would you call it? I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm excited to get back in shape and pretend like I'm hard core about swimming. The only downfall is it's noon and I'm exhausted. Perhaps, I'll go to bed... so much for studying.


emily said...

I agree that you should definitely go home for Christmas this year. None of that staying in Provo for Christmas crap again. Moving in January is good, but you should move to where ever I am because I miss my little friend, Carla. And there are still way too many adventures for us to go on. Alright, I understand we may not be able to live near each other, but we should at least take a trip somewhere sometime. That would be awesome!!

And what are you thnking getting up at the butt crack of dawn when you don't have to? I'm all for exercise but that's just crossing the line.

Carla said...

Why don't we move somewhere adventurous for both of us? Forget Utah, how about Chicago, or D.C., or Florida (I know how you love Disney World :))

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