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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My trip to Chicago got me out of the blogging habit, and then I came home and wrote a blog about my trip, but I was bored writing it... so I assumed you'd be bored reading it, and well I just haven't been struck with inspiration since. Like those cheesy shirts say "Life is good." My roommate Jo is back and I find that it's more entertaining for me to just talk to her, rather than blog about my issues- because feedback is nice and I'm all about instant gratification.

Anyhow, to help get the juices flowing again, I'm gonna share just a few of the activities that keep my simple mind entertained lately.

-Sitting in the broken and empty apartment hot tub writing letters to my friends on missions (I find that people are more willing to talk to a crazy girl sitting fully clothed in an empty hot tub... funny how that works. Hmmm, now I'm tempted to see how they would respond to a girl sitting in her swimsuit in an empty hot tub.)

-Swimming in a long-course pool. It's so much nicer than just a 25 yard pool.

-Buying ridiculous amounts of cereal. I can admit I have a serious problem, but with cereal going on sale for a dollar a box, I don't understand why more people don't have this problem.

-Milk tastings. For anyone who is unfamiliar, BYU creamery has many flavors of milk, so we had a taste testing to see which were the best. I stand by the good ol' classic: chocolate.

-Listening to cheesy new pop songs. Yeah, I'm talking about you David Archuleta, Colbie Calliat, and Jordin Sparks.

-Wal-mart shopping with Jo. Correction. Any shopping with Jo. Correction. All the shenanigans Jo and I get into, and boy do we get into them...

So, yeah, pretty dull, but it works for me. 


emily said...

What's all this sitting in the hot tube fully clothed business about? People are going to think you are off your rocker (something my grandma would definitely say).

What other kinds of milk are there? um...chocolate, white... I'm out.

elizabeth said...

yes, I too am very curious about the other flavors of milk!! I could only come up with strawberry and chocolate.

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