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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You know those moments in life where you just feel complete. Those fleeting moments when you have simple unadulterated joy.


These are the moments in life we cherish, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to others. These are the summer afternoon bike rides that end at the top of the mountain with a pink/orange sunset, or an unexpected but long desired kiss while standing in the middle of a rainstorm... eew, no, that is way too reminiscent of the notebook, scratch that entire scene.

Ok, back to perfect moments. Key word being "moments." You know, when you open the mailbox and realize you have a letter. Or, when you hear your new favorite song on the radio that you've been waiting to hear (this was mostly pre-ipod days). Or, when your roommate brings you home a bottle of Martinelli's to celebrate that fact that you got a "C" on your Econ test this time!

So, no matter how absurd I sound, last night I had one of these moments. It was glorious. It was exhilarating. And it was... the resurrection of the one song dance party.

Last night, we decided it was time to bring back our long overdue fanatical dance hobby called the one song dance party. Instigated around last October, the one song dance party was Monday through Thursday at 10:15 pm, and it was exactly that, one song. It was perfect, just enough so you start to get pumped and it leaves you wanting more, but not too tired to make up excuses not to come.

When Rachel moved out, the sound system moved out with her and we were left with a lack of equipment to host the one song dance party. So last night we decided to host the party in the underground parking garage and hook up our cars to play the music. We went around to each apartment and personally invited everyone in the complex. It was amazing! Best turnout we have ever had! At least 40 people showed up and shook their booty to "Let's Get It Started" (black eyed peas) (appropriate as this is the start of something). Anyhow, I can't share the happiness that ensued and resonated with me clear through this afternoon.

And though plans are not definite for a repeat, let me know if you'd like to come and I will surely send you an invite.

this is becca at the dance party!... oh and the reason i don't usually add photos, mom, is because I'm too stupid to figure out how to turn them the right way


Shelli said...


I believe there are plans for every Monday night!

I'm so glad that you blogged about this... I might link it in my next post as well.

Sigh. It was almost magical!

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