They say it's your birthday... But nobody likes you when you're 23

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

22 was a pretty good year. Twenty two in review:

It all began with a birthday buddy celebration. A friend at work and I share the same birthday so we went to Macaroni Grill with 14 of our co-workers (we only invited the cool people :)). Normally going to work for my birthday dinner would royally suck, but it was a blast with everyone there and with all our discounts we got a $240 bill down to $70 bucks. So we tipped Peter a hundred bucks. It was awesome!

So I started the year off extravagantly, and it quickly turned into the year of travels! Cassie and I embarked on a trip to San Fran (beautiful) and ended with Reno (not beautiful... ha and that's an understatement). It was a blast. Then Heather, Emily and I went to Chicago. It was the perfect trip. Beautiful weather, awesome city, great food. If I had to pick a big city to live in, Chicago would definitely be it ... (from late june to september that is). Then Cassie and I got sick of Provo again, so we planned a trip last minute and headed down to L.A. followed by San Diego. Of course I had to hit up N.C. for Christmas, which is always more relaxing than adventurous, but N.C. still has my heart so that's ok. And to start the year 2009 off strong Heather, Emily and I went to New York and Boston. Very cool! And I recently ended the travels of my twenty second year with a trip to Canadia! It's been awesome! And summed up in one paragraph it all just seems even cooler.

There was also a decent number of firsts in the year 2009. My first broadway show (followed by several more... and I saw WICKED!!). My first NBA game (jazz, and then I saw the bobcats beat the knicks). My first international travel (that I can remember). First pair of designer jeans (it's so worth the money... i promise you don't have to wear clothes that don't fit). My first year of TiVo (we don't have it anymore, but it was glorious while we did). My first time hiking Mt. Timp (and what a hike!)

So, yeah, though the day to day seems pretty mundane and repetitive to me, when I look at the year in review... not too shabby. So bring on 23! My descent into the mid-20's is official (yeah, liz, I'm old... I know). I have high hopes for this year. It pretty much started with the news that I'm going to germany and well what better omen for a good year to come. So... bring it.


jessamyn said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quigley's said...

Hey Kiddo. Happy Birthday! How I wish I were 22 .. or even 23!

But I wanted to tell you I got to see Wicked on Broadway with the original cast when I lived out east and it is by FAR my favorite broadway show ever. I am going to see it in SLC in a couple of weeks.

HAPPY 23rd year o' life!

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