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Thursday, April 2, 2009

So my roommates hate me. Well Jo, and me. But we have decided that they definitely direct the hatred towards me.

"What?" You say. "Nobody hates you and Jo. Everyone loves you guys!"

I know right.

So here's the breakdown of the past two days. Yesterday, Jo said I could have one of her mom's homemade rolls. Yum. So then I ask if I can borrow some lunch meat and cheese to make a sandwich to which she of course responds yes. So I go to make the sandwich and grab 2 slices of meat. Well, apparently I grabbed McKenna's meat, not Jo's. So McKenna informs me of this, to which I apologize and explain that I thought it was Jo's (not to mention there's 5 packs of meat in the fridge, so how the crap am I supposed to know who's is who's). Well she then feels the need to in detail explain how to tell which meat belongs to each roommate, all over 2 slices of meat.

Then Jo gets home and she proceeds to inform Jo, "that she's not mad, but Carla took some of her meat because she thought it was yours." Jo, of course, says "oh yeah I said she could have some, but didn't tell her which was mine. Sorry."


It's 2 slices of meat. Is she really that concerned about what... ten cents. Let's calculate all the things I cover, such as utilities and how every roommate borrows my cooking ingredients. And we need to split hairs because of some lousy meat that was in all actuality probably going to go bad anyhow.

Well, then I get home from swimming this morning and Jo tells me that she is going to Mexico! She's rightfully excited and I guess we were talking kind of loud, so McKenna opens her door and says "Carla, I'm still trying to sleep!"

Geez, it's 8 something at this point, we're just talking and laughing, I'm not blaring my music, and this is a FIRST! We're never loud in the morning, I never blare my music when the roommates are home, I'm never up really late, and I don't make a lot of noise in the morning. (I kind of want to write WTF, but it's so offensive when written, this is when I need a camera, so you can all picture Peter saying WTF in a tone that is reminiscient of a punk 6th grade girl).

So, basically I'm thinking I must have done something else to tick her off. Nobody is that uptight about meat, right? At any rate, Jo says I shouldn't care because they're moving out in less than a month. Well, cosmos, or divine ruler of roommate allocation, please oh pretty please (it's been 2 years of crazy's and just plain not fun roommates (minus Rachel, who unfortunately was never home)) bless Jo and myself with some chill roommates that we can actually be friends with. I beg, I plead, I'll even offer my cooking skills as bribery. The end.


Jamie said...

ha I love hearing crazy roommate stories....and really, at 8 AM, you should be keeping it down. Haha. But really, how were you supposed to tell which meat was hers and which was Jo's? That's just nuts.

jessamyn said...

oh my goodness food arguements were so ridiculous!! ugh I loved a lot of my roommates but I never want to live with anyone other than Brian and my children again! I hear you Carla, I really do! I could not WAIT to move out and have my own kitchen and never see another labeled milk container again!!! Nothing is more petty than getting mad at supposed "stolen" food.

Emily said...


Hopefully you'll get some fun roommates this summer. Peeps need to lighten up.

Oliver said...

Haha I remember the two lbs of bacon. Good times! My mom doesn't remember anything though.

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