Time, where did you go?

Friday, June 12, 2009

I leave in 5 days!!!!!!!!

Yes! I'm so excited. It's felt like a long time coming. And it's finally here, and it's gonna be awesome! If you don't know what I'm talking about, then we're not friends. Just joking... it probably means I'm a terrible friend and didn't fill you in. I'm going to Germany in 5 days! 

So I went shopping today to get all the travel size stuff and other odds and ends I need. It was just like when you used to go shopping for camp to get all your gear. I love this kind of shopping. It's so fun to get new stuff, especially when it's for an adventure. It's almost as good as shopping for a new school year (but not quite, because that results in tons of new clothes... which i can't exactly justify for this trip). 

I did however, get a new pair of dress pants from Gap and I love them. Not to brag, but these are miracle pants that make me look HOT. I unfortunately just need a place to wear them. Cassie suggested a date, but since I scare boys, I'll have to think of something else.

Finally, despite all the pending excitement, my life has recently been reduced to work and prison break. I am new to the show Prison Break, but i'm really enjoying it. It's addicting and has taken over my life to the point where I have passed on the gym two days in a row because I only had time for the gym or prison break, so I chose prison break. Kinda pathetic, I'll admit it. But Wentworth Miller is hot, so don't judge. 

***Disclaimer: I was going to pardon all the exclamation points (all you cynics) who think you should only use them when you are seriously overjoyed... but I am seriously overjoyed, so I'm leaving them. No pardon.****


Alaina Nelson said...

1: I am SO jealous that you are going to Germany

2: That prison Break guy is a F-O-X


4:I am SO SO jealous that you are going to Germany, I want to come

jessamyn said...

I'm so very jealous, I hope you take lots of pictures!! (I love exclamation points)

DeeAura said...

Wentworth Miller. 2 days of watching him totally makes up for 2 days at the gym. And yes, I meant to put those in that order. I mean, really...that doesn't even need to be explained or justified.

"I scare boys." HAHAH! And this is reason #48592 I seriously like you.


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