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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

*Side note: The title does tie in to my post, but also they played this song in a club in Germany... seriously, Germany, let's step up our music selection.*

So, rather than continue to repeat myself (or more likely just respond with Germany was fine), I figured I should write down some of my adventures from the past 3 weeks. Here goes (not necessarily in any particular order):

1. First of all, I got to use a company credit card, which is awesome! If there were two desserts I wanted, instead of picking one I just got both. Why not? (you're picturing a much rounder carla right now, but don't worry i only put on like 5 lbs., 10 max)

2. I always said if I ever had a job where I had a company card I would tip fat... and tip fat I did! (I always tip fat with my own money too) ((And before you go judging me for wasting company money, we rarely got to go out, so when we did, yes I was gluttonous... but I still didn't even spend a third of my allowance))

3. The trip to Germany began with a painfully long flight which was then followed with the 7 hour Tour de Germany! All in all it was a 26 hour travel day. *Note to self (or those reading this blog): when someone is arriving after a 14 hour flight, send someone to the airport who will know how to get home)

4. It's all good though, because the people that were in the lost van with me turned out to be fun people as well as people who can help me get another opening :)

5. Also, we would come across a sign that read "Ausfarht," and one of the girls would exclaim oh yay, ausfarht this is where we were before... bahahaha.... ausfarht means exit, we saw a lot of those signs.

6. All in all, the whole experience felt very much like girls camp. You work your tush off from 8 am til 11 pm and you're expected to be perky the whole time. You have pasta pals (buddy system) and you give them gifts at the end of the 3 weeks (much like secret sisters). Everyone goes out together and is constantly being counted (we even had to line up single file once... how embarassing). There are certification packets that the servers have to complete (basically like certifiying each year of camp). And everyone plays pranks throughout the entire trip.

7. So basically what I'm saying is, the trip was hard and fun, exhausting and exhilarating, frustrating and rewarding and every emotion in between. They all told me I'd cry, but don't worry, no tears were shed (it's confirmed, I am cold hearted).

Favorite Quotes of the trip

1. "Man, we're staying in a freaking nice a** prison." (The hotel wasn't officially open yet, so we were on lockdown after 11 pm. It was a really nice hotel, but with no lights after 11, no internet, and no way to get back in if you left... it really did feel like a prison)

2. "Man this song is depressing... turn it up." (Taking a taxi to a restaurant one night, one of the 40 year old guys said this about Fergie's 'Big Girls Don't Cry')

3. Scenario: Ivan, who is puerto rican, hasn't been eating much on the trip because he is a picky eater and complains that all we eat is bread. Big Joe also is sick of bread and offers to make lunch one day.

Big Joe to Ivan: "Hey man, I'm making burritos and chili today."
Ivan to Big Joe: "I'm not mexican, b****" (as the mexican server walks by)
Ivan turns to Mexican server: "No offense."

(it just doesn't sound as funny in print, sadly there's no way to type Ivan's accent which makes everything ten times funnier than it normally would ever be)

Highlights of the Trip

-We met the band blue october
-I got to have real gelato!
-I got a teddy bear that yoddles (please come over--it'll make your day)
-Plastic (company credit card)
-The sun doesn't set til 10:30 pm, so even though you're in work all day we still got out right as the sun was setting, which was so nice!
-The bed in the hotel was absolutely amazing... I just wish I had had more time to bond with it.
-One of the Air Force head honchos gave us a military coin. Basically you keep the coin with you and if you run into anyone who should have the coin at a bar, you can lay it on the bar and if they can't produce their coin than drinks are on them, if they do show their coin you have to buy everyone at the bar drinks. I guess it's pretty prestigious to get a coin, so I was pretty stoked about it. Plus you better believe I'm gonna walk into mac grills all over the country now, slam my coin down and make them buy me a coke! (That was the running joke, since I don't drink and coke doesn't set anyone back very much)
-I have lots of new friends all over the country... you never know when that will come in handy.

So, in case you didn't have the patience to read this, which I can't really blame you, the trip was good. There were hard days and they were long days, but it was an amazing opportunity and I'm grateful I was chosen to go, and I'd go again in a heartbeat.


Ashley Hall said...

I'm so jealous that you went to Germany! How fun! I am a horrible friend. I haven't talked to you forever. I hope everything is going well. We really need to get together sometime soon.

Heather said...

I am so glad the trip was awesome... are you glad to be back home? does going back to work feel less cool because you aren't in Germany?

Alaina Nelson said...

Thank you thank you for the update... I heart this blog we all missed you at the Omni :)

Petey said...

Uh, I wanna hear all about it. When we hanging out? Soon? Biscuit and Hazmat miss you!

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