For once in my life, I'm scared to death

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So I don't want to make too big of a deal about this next piece of information, but I felt that I could share with those people who read my blog.

I've decided to move to Germany!

I'm terrified and excited all at the same time. I'll be leaving Utah in december and then flying to Germany in January.

My dad's main concern is that I will go over there and get swept off my feet by an airman (when I state that I made it this far being single his response, boys in provo are wimps and air force officers are confident go getters). Well, no need to fear, I will only touch their arm for 2 seconds at a time ;) (see previous post).

So, just let me know if you wanna stop by for a visit....

***oh yeah, and if you could not mention this to my employers (I should probably do that myself... and I'm waiting for the right time) I'd appreciate it, thanks... that's probably just you peter :)***


DeeAura said...


I'm so stealing your every spare second, sharing only with Jo, until January.

I have to go die now.

(After I get done doing that, I'll be SO EXCITED for you!!!)

Ashley Hall said...

Oh my goodness! That is soo exciting. Where in Germany and what will you be doing??

Courtney is home now. We all need to get together!

Heather said...

Where will you live, and what airport is near there? I want to start watching the airlines so I can come visit! So excited!

Kelly said...

AWESOME. I stumble across your blog every now and then, and I just read this post! How cool! I definitely want to see you over the holidays if you are going to be in NC before you go! :)

Fish Nat!on said...

you still have 2 years before you have a quarter century crisis. what the hell.

Oliver said...

Can I visit.

Carla said...

of course

Oliver said...


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