We only got 86,400 seconds in a day

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That's a lot of opportunities for deep philosophical soul searching thinking--- or in carla's case, menial, less than gratifying, imponderables.

I have had a most enduring dry spell in the blogging world. My creativity has dried up into a deep knotted creative black hole that continues to suck out any spark of imagination.... so in the attempt to pen something, namely anything, I'll share some of the more precious thoughts in my last 86,400 seconds.

1. Disney Princesses on Ice tickets are selling for $6... seriously? who knew the princesses were so cheap. Don't sell yourselves short ladies, it's a poor economy and we could all use a little comic relief, I could definitely spare 6 bucks to support the underpaid disney mascots skating around an ice rink.

2. New Jesse McCartney song... LOVE IT. Cheesy, horrible music, but have we not already established through my blog titles that I thrive off this crap.

3. Dear Omni Management,
You sent out a note stating the hot tub would be fixed as of last saturday, November 7, 2009. Although, we have faith in your ability to come through on your promises, the hot tub is currently still only full of leaves and dirt from **ahem** 12 months accumulation. Unless we are unaware of a new fangled contraption with which to heat the body sans warm water in the midst of snowy utah winter weather, we would appreciate it actually be filled. We apologize for the not so happy note, but let us know if we can do anything to get this project under construction (namely contact BYU housing again!).
Thank you,
Omni Tenants

4. Germany plans continue. I'm still planning on going despite the fact that my heart plummets into my stomach when I think about certain people I'm leaving behind in Provo, but I'm excited for the change and the little piece of adventure I can add to my repertoire. Think of all the awesome blog posts I'll have to keep you entertained!


DeeAura said...

Carla. * moment of silence * Maybe, just maybe...

maybe when you come back from Germany, the hot tub will be fixed. I seriously feel we deserve a month of free rent for that crappy thing.

Also...Germany. * sigh * "Don't go!" she says in a barely audible voice...but then again...adventures. How can the "Vo" compete?

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