So this is christmas, And what have you done

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wrote my parents Christmas card this year. I figured I'd post it for your enjoyment.

Merry Christmas,

Another month, another year, another decade has come and gone and we're all left wondering where it went. It's easy to reach another Christmas and wonder where the year has gone, but fortunately for us, society demands we revisit the details of the year for the benefit of our friends and family.

Due to mom and dad's busy schedules, I graciously offered to help with the Christmas preparations by writing the annual Christmas letter. Please note that I have not been home since last Christmas, making my observations (in some people's opinion) less than accurate :). May I also add my own disclaimer: The following is purely for classification sake and is not mutually exclusive as we are all siblings and certain character traits tend to run throughout families.

So I begin the detailing of all of our lives.

THE SUCCESSFUL ONE: Heather continues to lead the way for the Morgan children illustrating the pathway we all hope to someday walk down. Since a house and furnishings were the accomplishment of previous years, she decided it was impertinent that she acquires a large flat screen TV, and TiVo to entice the visitation of her siblings. We are all going green (with envy) and continue to attempt to model her example.

THE SMART ONE: Emily has established herself in Kansas City, Missouri as an educator (English Professor to be exact). Not only is Emily fighting the noble fight of demolishing poor syntax among our Mid-Western friends, she has taken it upon herself to spread important cultural knowledge to her students (they've never heard of The Office or Peanuts (the cartoon)... I know, hold back your outrage... Emily has come to the rescue)). She has also set herself apart as the other official adult in the family, having bought herself a lovely home this year.

THE MUSICIAN: No, Art does not receive this classification because of his incredible Guitar Hero skills. Though Arthur’s sisters have classical training with piano and violins, he has branched out into the world of rock, alternative and pop music (I told you I haven’t been home in a year, sorry I can’t be more specific). He is now part of a successful band, which performs mostly around Charlotte, North Carolina. However, keep an ear out for when he comes to your very own PC via ITunes.

THE TRAVELER: I continued my quest to see the majority of the United States this year reaching almost all but Disney World (clearly, one must save Disney for a special occasion). I embark on my adventures of Europe this coming year.

THE STUDENT: Jamie keeps us constantly informed of the latest and greatest YouTube videos, and though some may judge whether she is making the most of her college education, I’ll back her up by saying she would be a failure if her college experience didn’t keep her “in the know” where YouTube is concerned. And I am informed that she does actually go to class and has even picked a major , English (maybe she can edit this for me). Now, if she could just work on getting us UNC basketball tickets...

THE YOUNGEST: You may think that this is cheating Kimberly out of a title, but really it’s because she has too many to choose from... The Artist, The one who lives with mom and dad, The Peacemaker, The Swimmer, etc. Etc. In reality, Kimberly is the one waiting to accrue all our titles and blow us all away, but in the meantime she continues to hold down the fort at home, master a ridiculous amount of instruments, maintain her athletic prowess through swimming, and prepare for and aspire to artistic perfection at NYU. Look forward to her updates in future letters.

THE PARENTS: Though they continue to marvel at the direction each child has chosen, they can’t help but boast that they have quite the array of personalities, talents, and accomplishments pervading their brood. They have definitely assured that they will be taken care of and entertained in their old age, but to avoid early onset they have begun an impressive regimen of triathlons, 5 and 10k’s. I pray, may we not drive them crazy in this New Year!

If you made it all the way to the end of this gratuitous letter, thank you for indulging me and may your holidays be warm and bright.


The Morgan’s


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