Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Monday, December 28, 2009

So, it was a good Christmas. The whole family was in town. Cary drove to North Carolina with me... more pictures and details on that to come.

Anyhow, on Christmas Eve we watched old home videos of Christmas mornings when we were younger and I'll be the first to admit I had a lot of attitude and was quite the little punk (although cute--in a punky brewster kind of way), but seriously.... who wants underwear for christmas???

Here is evidence of my early development and mastery of the infamous eye-roll.

Oh, and don't worry... this year we brought back the term "radical" with every gift opened.


Mary said...

Carla, you were so cute when you were 5! (You were 5, right? Am I doing the math correctly? You and I are the same age, right? I mean, not exactly the same age like we were born on the same day, but we were born in the same year? Since I met you, I've always operated under that assumption, but thinking about it now, I definitely could be wrong.) Radical video.

Carla said...

yeah, I was 5... good times.

Shelli said...

I'm in love with the fact that you have family videos on youtube. And the fact that they have you rolling your eyes on said videos.

Glad to hear that you are having a wonderful holiday.

I just got really sad thinking that I won't see you when I get back to Provo.

DeeAura said...

CARLA. :) This brought joy and tears. I can't...MAN, I miss you!!! hahahaha :)

Oliver said...


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