Gotta get home this year

Monday, January 4, 2010

My sister had a bad date. She told me about the boy's complete lack of conversation abilities and described the date as a bad game of twenty questions. One such question being "Who is your favorite President?"

This begs the question who has a favorite president? Or more importantly, why would you ask this on a first date (supposing you are not both poli sci majors who lack interests relating to the general population)?

Of course, upon 2 more seconds of pondering I find the abundance of possible answers fascinating. This lowly gentlemen's reponse was "Abraham Lincoln of course! (which in and of itself defends my sisters position to never go on a date with this bloke again).

Why Abraham Lincoln of course? Just cause he helped prevent us from being a nation divided?

What about Theodore Roosevelt, who instigated the national parks system, providing me with lots of great vacation memories. Or Andrew Johnson, who couldn't even read. What a role model, to prove that something as small as illiteracy should never hold you back. How about Andrew Jackson, who created the spoils system, teaching americans that you should never leave your friends behind for success... bring them along. Heck, or JFK, presiding with style! Heck, one could even argue for President Palmer or President Bartlett. Oh the hour long conversation that could have been had if this boy had just one ounce of creativity or inclination towards a good debate. So sad...

On that note, though, I recently drove 40 (maybe +) hours across the country with a boy who is not lacking for interesting conversation. I would roadtrip with him again in a heartbeat.

He even got out to take pictures of state signs with me!

On our 3 hour detour through Chicago. We stopped for breakfast at the Bongo room, which is worth a 3 hour detour even in the middle of winter.

You still doubting me...

Ummm yeah, those are the delicious pancakes. Next time you're anywhere near the midwest... seriously, do yourself a favor and stop in


Alaina Nelson said...

I love how your blog title leads me to think your blog is going top be totally different... always... we sure miss you around here.
Have a safe trip, and come back soon! Just intime for some summer fun!!

DeeAura said...

I need to know more about these pancakes.

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